Sunday, January 27, 2008

Black Toyota, revisited

First thing for those who have been asking: The parking space bandit (referenced in this previous post) has not returned. I am still a little skeptical if he/she/it is gone for good. If I can make it to Easter without another usurping of my rented, 5x13, asphalt rectangle, I'll be far more confident. If in a couple months, you see me teetering down 15th Street balancing a honey baked ham on my shoulder, well, throw me a little toot on the horn. The props will be greatly appreciated. Actually, I am easily startled and naturally clumsy, so maybe a peace sign or a courtesy wave would be better. Can you bruise a ham?

A request has been made that I post the content of my last note. So, here it is:

"Greetings, black 4-door Toyota, license plate no. &$%#@!*!

Today is picture day! I've taken three pictures. One of your license plate positioned over the yellow stencilled number four of my parking spot. The second is from the side showing your vehicle parked next to the permit parking only sign (not a very flattering angle for you, I'm afraid). And the last one is of your windshield, with this note under your wiper, also demonstrating that indeed you do NOT have a parking permit. I'm gonna share these with my management company. So the next time you park here? We can tow your a**, guilt-free. Pay for your own parking, PRINCESS."

So, yes, this note was a little more intimidating than my previous notes. But here's the thing. I didn't really take ANY photos of this car at all. This tactic was the result of my angry, hasty, and frustrated brainstorm to persuade this person to never park here again. Because ultimately? That's what I want.

Another thing, there's no indication that the driver of this car was either male or female. I just assume anyone who blatantly inconveniences others repeatedly as a result of their acknowledged failure to take responsibility for themselves is exactly that: a princess. So if you're a dude and that sounds like you, then guess what, dude? You're a princess. My four-year-old niece would love you. She has bed sheets with your face on them.


robayre said...

Once again, I think we must live in some parallel universe, because your life is reflecting my own. There has been much drama surrounding the parking situation in my apartment building too. My best friend (since kindergarten) and I live next door to each other. Well, she works as a nurse 2nd shift and doesn't make it home until after midnight. Well There are only 6 apartments in our building and about 7 cars can park there comfortably, but the people who live above her had 2 dead abandoned cars, 1 shady van that works (sometimes) and their regular car. She was getting home to find no parking spots available in our lot and after complaining for over a year we finally got stickers allowing us only 1 car in the lot at a time. Ther is a lot more, such as the spot right outside my window is the spot everyone fights over because it is closest to the building, and then undoubtedly people blare their music from their car in the middle of the night while I am trying to sleep. AHHH! The joys of apartment living :/

In My Head Studios said...

sooooo funny!!! i kind of hope you get the chance to tow this car!

sheasy said...

Parking is NO FUN.

That's it. I'm moving to Europe, where bicycles RULE!

NinnerFish said...

You are more than just a little bit awesome.

High Desert Diva said...

oh...I had almost forgotten about this....
glad you posted this as it was very good for a laugh this afternoon!