Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Super HOT Sexy Stamps! Look Here:

OK, not really. But these stamps are at least a 7, right? Maybe an 8 in the right light on a good hair day?

I love postcrossing.com and I've been vigorously exchanging mail since last summer. I just stocked up on international postcard stamps and got these Purple Heart 41 cent stamps while I was at the counter (she asked if I wanted something different and I said, Hit me!, and hello Purple Hearts).

Now, the international postcard stamp is by far the most impressive of all our US stamps and should be as it is seen all over the world. Look at it! It's a jog on the beach during a tropical sunset!! The best ad for the American life you can find. Let's promote this beautiful place to the planet! Here's the thing. The bottom right corner? Says Guam. Wha? What's wrong with Hawaii or Florida or California? Are we afraid North Dakota will find out it's freaking cold in their state?

As somebody who receives a lot of international stamps, I have to say our country's postage is lacking in comparison to the lush, imaginative, vibrant, historically significant, regal stamps that I see in my mailbox.

So I was pleased to receive these great Purple Heart stamps. They are sophisticated, reference our military heritage, and honor our wounded heroes. GO, USPS! Me likey. The bulk rate blue tiger stamp? That belongs on a oak veneer wall clock.

Oh, and the stamps in the middle were the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT ever. They are from my sister, who customized them with my pup's pic at
stamps.com. Let's see what THAT face can do for international relations.


sweetcheese said...

Guam?!? And I have to see those tiger stamps. I may have to move to Finland just for the stamps.

sheasy said...

In Finland they are not afraid of putting a cartoon duck on a puffy white cloud and calling it postage.

Andrea Q said...

I love stamps. I get so tired of plain old flags.

sheasy said...

Me too! The USPS needs a new art director...