Thursday, January 31, 2008

Iron Maidens of Honor

Jen had a dream about our friend, Schaa's wedding. Here's the rundown she gave:

"It was Schaa's wedding day and everyone was packing into the church (possibly an auditorium). I was sitting in the front row and there was a stage. When the wedding started I saw Schaa in between the stage and the sound equipment…then she just hopped up on stage while Brant (who had long dark hair in a pony tail) used the side stairs and rock music started blaring. The entire wedding party was rocking out on stage! Schaa was really getting into it (kind of head-bang dancing) then Brant would come over and they’d waltz for a bit to the music. The best part was the singing (it was a musical). Everyone was singing about their favorite potato-chocolate. Brant’s was white chocolate sea shells. Then everyone asked what kind of chocolate and he said “it’s whiiiite chocolaaaate”. The maid of honor didn’t know the name of her chocolate, but it was "perfect as God made it". Of course everything rhymed…but I don’t remember the words exactly."

This led to the following e-mail exchange:

Jen: I think I want my wedding to be a musical…how funny would that be?
Tanya: I could help design fabulous costumes and a set that rotates!
me: I will do invitations that are like tickets, so the ushers have to tear them as people arrive and there can be a VIP area and a mosh pit. Beers will be $10.
Jen: That would be so cool! I really like the rotating stage and ticket invitations. Now I just need to start on the lyrics...and hire someone to choreograph a dance for the wedding party.
me: I think you should have that Brazilian dance [beadanza] at your wedding – save some money on choreography and get everybody involved at the same time.
Jen: I’m imagining everyone holding hands in a circle and dancing as the line snakes around. But what about the singing? Should everyone have a part?
me: It can be a chorus with solos for the bride and groom and officiate and maybe the parents of the bride and groom. After the ceremony, the bride and groom can perform a duet in harmony. Then every claps and throws flowers on the stage.
Tanya: But it all has to rhyme!
me: Since you are the bride, at some point you should have a tap dancing solo. After all, it is YOUR day.
Jen: I agree there should be some solo for the bride…but what about hooping instead of tap dance? I just bought a hula-hoop…if I practice enough I can get the one that lights on fire – now that’s a show stopper!
me: If you do that, you should do 2 hoops as a symbol of your wedding bands. Then you can throw one of the hoops across the stage to the groom and when he catches it, you are married.
Tanya: Watch out—your eyebrows might catch on fire!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
me: Save the flaming eyebrows for the honeymoon.


In My Head Studios said...

i just emailed your blog link to my friend who is getting married soon for a great laugh! you're fun! rock on!

sweetcheese said...

Why the heck was I so worried about her eyebrows? It's not like they are 3 inches long...
I still laugh at this. We need to open a themed wedding design company together.

lifespleasures said...

whenever i think about that dream it makes me laugh. that's how the wedding should have been...