Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stitch Sketches

I posted about this on the Create A Day blog, too, but here is a sketch and a "stitch sketch" I made based on my sketch.

I have a few doodles that I am going to try this with. I'm going to go get some framing materials this weekend. Hopefully I can use my Dremel to do the myter (sp?) cuts. Or, I will just be lazy and go to IKEA. It could go either way.


Chocolate and Steel said...

Wow! I mean... Wow!!! That is so cute. Both of them

Melissa said...

Super cute!! Let's see some more!

I'd totally recommend LCD first. That one instantly became my fave. I'm listening to Mika right now. It's WAY different than I expected, but it's definitely "feel good" music.

sheasy said...

OK, I'm off to spend the balance on my iTunes gift card... Woo hoo!

Cicada Studio said...

Cute little foxy.

We went to IKEA on Saturday. Time well spent.

sheasy said...

Cicada: I suspet I will be following your lead!