Monday, February 11, 2008

Ain't too proud to beg...

I am an HTML dummy, which is not a cute dummy like those crash-test guys or some guy you make out with even though he says, "supposabley". An HTML dummy is a creature with bloodshot eyes(bluish-green), frazzeled hair (light brown), and plenty of smeared mascara (Cover Girl Lashblast). It's what happens to me when something funky happens on this blog that I can't fix even when I know what the problem is.

For example, I'd like for the body of this blog to be the standard 500 pixels wide because right now it is 485 pixels wide. I know where to go to fix it, but guess what? The body NEEDS to be 485 pixels wide in order for it to have those fancy rounded corners. Oh, Rounded Corners, you have no sharp edges, but you cut like a knife.

So see that fancy orange button over there referencing a FREE blog makeover? Please, please, please: NOMINATE ME! If you have a blog you will be entered to win just by nominating me AND I am happy to nominate you in return. Please nominate me SOON. The contest ends February 29th.

I suppose I could wait and ask Santa for those extra 15 pixels, but by then I'll be bald and chewing on that
fancy new plastic applicator wand Drew Barrymore can't stop grinning about.


Cicada Studio said...

Oh, my, I remember nights like this. Bleary eyed and scrolling and scrolling thru code that seemed like one long nightmare. Then I did something that actually worked, then another thing worked, then before I knew it, I had a modicum of control over what I was doing. I will vote for you my dear, but your icon views as a question mark. Hopefully I can get thru!

PS- try changing these areas to reflect the 500px width

#header-wrapper {

#outer-wrapper {
width: 500px;

#footer {

body#layout #outer-wrapper,
body#layout #header-wrapper,
body#layout #footer {
width: 500px;

Anonymous said...

OK, you're all nominated and stuff.