Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Essential Items... also quite purrrty.

To reward myself for my recent etsy sales, I recently purchased the necklace on the left from robayre. She handspun and hand-dyed the yarn herself and knit it into this super soft, dreamy pendant. It hangs so sweetly around my neck. When I wear this, I feel like I am telling people that I am warm and cozy but delicate and pretty and unconventional all with a single accessory. All I can say is: RUN to her shop and get one for yourself before I decide I need one in every color. She's made some in the deepest shades of purple, fuschia, gold, and green. Strangers will approach you and want to pet you. Or at the very least, comment on your awesome fashion sense.

The necklace on the right I found last year at a little bead store up in the hills. The pendant is hand-carved out of bone and the cord is hand braided. This little horsey is three-dimensional and so he has a sculptural quality even from the back. The cord slides, so I can adjust the pendant to my outfit neckline.
So, here's my brainstorm. These necklaces are fantastic works of art on their own, but I'm thinking they would look pretty freakin' great layered together. It'd be like a little MoMA around my neck. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Dang. I can't imagine what MoMa means. So if you tell me, I'd be happy to help. They are both amazing pieces, though!

sheasy said...

Museum of Modern Art.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, yes. It WOULD be.

fringes said...

Layer them! I think it will look great.

Thanks for joining in the fun over at my blog. It's gonna be fun!

lifespleasures said...

I definitely have to agree with layering them.