Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sheila, Age 6

Sheila, Age 6
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I've started a family photo album on Flickr as a means for all of my relatives located all over the country to keep in touch. I've been enticing them onto the site by posting silly photos of 70's fashion. Plaid pants! Short shorts! Kool-Aid mustaches!

This is my first grade portrait. I am so jealous of my bangs in this photo - I'm having a hard time putting it into words. I inherited what one of my ex-boyfriends always referred to as "Superman" bangs from both of my parents. Meaning I have an unruly wave of hair that lies right in the middle of my forehead. Yeah... it's how I detect evil (among other things). How these bangs in the picture ever laid straight and flat like that is a mystery all their own.

Also, I had (and still have) a long history of love for the rugby shirts. I remember this shirt very well and I do miss it so....


sweetcheese said...

How freakin' cute! But you also kinda look like my cousin Brad. Who is a boy.
Sorry. (I'm not hatin--it is much more of a comment on how my cousin might have possibly looked like a girl sometimes. Poor dude.)

lifespleasures said...

Great pic. Both of my brothers have multiple pics that are the same style. I only have one and I was very young. I'll have to share them with you sometime. :) ~She