Thursday, February 28, 2008

Your sensitive singer-songwriter ex-boyfriend made a movie

It is called Once. Go see it. It's all about what happens after you broke up with him for not being as ambitious as you. Guess what? After you dumped him, he wrote a lot of songs about the two of you. They are full of tenderness and longing and sadness and when other people hear these sweet, delicate insights into this man's soul, they kind of get the impression that you might be something of an idiot. Because these are the purest love songs ever heard by people who have hearts that feel and beat and work and stuff.

AND if that is not enough, there is an uber-hot East-European chick who is equally talented and she's got what it takes to yank Mr. Soggybottoms out of this stagnant pool you left him sitting in the middle of. So, yeah, he's not THAT bad off.

So, see this movie, then buy the soundtrack, listen to it over and over, and know that when you truly love somebody you don't have to ask their permission.


sweetcheese said...

Oooh. If this wasn't already on my Netflix it would be now.
"People who have hearts that feel and beat and work and stuff."

robayre said...

YES! My sister and I just today got tickets to go see them play in chicago this summer, Oh yeah! We saw this in the theater and then I promptly went out and bought the soundtrack. It's sooo good.

sheasy said...

They are coming to Oakland in April and I can't wait!!