Monday, March 31, 2008

Things I would rather buy with $3.87 instead of a gallon of gas

*Some wire for my jaw, which dropped to the floor as I filled up this morning
*2 loads of laundry at Suds City
*The 3 taco combo at Taco Bell (Free hot sauce!)
*3 Quick Pick Lottery tickets
*6 Press-a-Penny souvenirs
*18 songs of my choice on the jukebox at Mel’s Diner
(Any ditties about how cool the bus is on there?)
*3 Extra Large Slurpees (Treat your friends!)
*5 games of Ms. Pac Man, 5 games of Frogger, and 5 games of Centipede
*A deluxe box of snacks for my buddy

Sunday, March 30, 2008

An offer you can't refuse (unless you switch channels)

Last night, I watched a Godfather marathon while working on a craft project. Mafia-style violence can really get a girl in touch with her creative side, and I wielded my circle cutter as if it were an ergonomically correct piece of piano wire.

Unfortunately, the movies aired on a station that is not completely commercial-free. Even better, every break was the same commercial every time. EXTENZ. Sandwiching a drug for penis enlargement within 6 hours of the Godfather?

Someone in marketing got a major bonus for this one....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Soundtrack

I must be worried that the rhythm is gonna get me 'cause I downloaded a gaggle of random songs today. I recommend any of these if you are in the mood to sing a long at the top of your lungs.

Here's a list:

"Sorrow", Bad Religion, 2002
Whenever this song comes on the radio in the car, I pretend I am performing this in front of a crowd of thousands in the hot sun and they become moved by the power of my voice and start chanting with me. My at home performance of the song seems to send the chihuahua-terrier burrowing under the blankets. Obviously, she is overwhelmed with emotion, too.
Favorite Line: "And there will be... SOOORROOOOOOW, NOOOO MOOOOOORE!"

"Comfort Eagle", Cake, 2001
Once upon a time, a Sacramento girl saw a Sacramento band in Sacramento and turned into a forever fan. Cake is known for their absurd lyrics, wacky use of percussion, and John McCree's talky-talk lyric delivery. No singing? Perfect accompaniment for the tone def!
Favorite Line: "Some people drink Pepsi. Some people drink Coke. The wacky morning DJ says democracy's a joke"

"Take the Skinheads Bowling", Camper Van Beethoven, 1985
Is ever a more profound sentiment been put into song? I don't think so.
Favorite Line: "There's not a line that goes here that rhymes with anything"

"Punk Rock Girl", Dead Milkmen, 1988
David always sings this song in reference to my friend, Rachel, probably because she is the only person he knows personally that has several tattoos, none of which she makes any attempt to conceal, even on special occasions. All of these lyrics make for fun singing.
Favorite Line: "We ordered some hot tea, the waitress said well no, we only have it iced, so we jumped up on the table and shouted Anarchy!"

"Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On", Mel McDaniels
I couldn't find the year this came out, but I know I was a wee lass. If you've never two-stepped, this old-school country song has the power to get you out on the dance floor to try your best. I speak from experience.
Favorite Line: "It just comes naturalleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and aww the girl can't help it"

"Valerie" Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse, 2007
So I am hooked on this season's Dancing with the Stars and Mario danced his first dance to this song. Get better, Amy. The world needs you to sing more songs like this. Now sing something Adam Corolla can dance to - he needs the extra points.
Favorite Line: With her voice, it doesn't matter, it is all perfection.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Art plus Accessories = Style minus Effort

Look what just arrived! I wore this bamboo pendant featuring the brilliant photography of Tiffany Teske yesterday. It radiates SPRING, so if you are living in one of those places that still has snow on the ground and you are wearing your winter coat every day, try on one of these - you will be gazing longingly at it all day (and you won't be the only one, I got endless compliments throughout the day). Here it is framed by one of my favorite Mr. Roger's sweaters, the one with the over sized buttons.

Tiffany handmakes the pendants and they showcase her amazing photography. She's travelled all over the world and her portfolio has something for everyone. Do you long for international culture? Check. Do you marvel at nature? Check. Does the human form never cease to amaze you? Check. Did you have a tire swing as a child and are yearning to point your feet straight up to the sky again? Yeah. She's got that, too.

Now go check it out for yourself:

Photo Pendant

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The sheasy way

This morning I only hit the snooze button two times before getting up instead of three. Although I haven't gotten to the part of The Artist's Way that has asked me to starting waking up an additional 30 minutes early, I figure I ought to ease into it. That means... that this morning I had a whole extra TEN MINUTES! WHAT did I do with this extra cushion of time? Did I:

a.) Zone out like a zombie in the shower washing the same parts over and over again once out from under the pressure of only having 5 minutes to get clean?

b.) Blow dry my hair until it was completely dry only to discover the when my hair is completely dry I resemble a chow-chow.

c.) Search everywhere for my black shoes becoming convinced that my size 15 boyfriend must have taken them from me and why would he do that, only to search the pile of laundry in the closet a third time deciding to dig just a little deeper until I found the left shoe, then spending the same amount of time looking for the right shoe only to discover it is at the far end of the closet where my chihuahua-terrier likes to sleep while I am at work.

d.) All of the above, leaving for work 15 minutes late.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Artist's Way

My friend Jen has started reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and doing the exercises in the accompanying workbook. She has encouraged a group of us to join her. I went on Amazon, bought the books and they arrived today. So, here I go! I'll post updates from time to time on how I'm doing.

From what I understand, the first activity involves deciding to get up a half an hour earlier to spend time writing at least three pages. Sheesh. If ever there were a WORSE way for me to get started, I do not know what it is. I LOVE TO BE NOT AWAKE. Maybe that is the point of this whole project.

Warm, comfortable bed, I'm gonna miss you....... maybe.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Growing Pains

In the last week, I've ordered two drinks from two different locations and each of them came with a maraschino cherry. Both cherries tasted like crap. Either this is a global trend or the eleven-year old inside of me has died and maraschino cherries no longer taste like heaven.

I hope it is the former as I was still holding onto the possibility that I might marry Kirk Cameron, have a chimpanzee as a pet, and live in the Swiss Family Robinson house.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk

We spent some time getting dusty yesterday. Of course, Piper helped.

Chalk Drawings

Drawing on the Sidewalk


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Totally Awesome

Here is a list of DVDs I have on my Amazon Wish List. See if you notice any common thread among these titles:

*batteries not included
*Time Bandits
*The Last Unicorn
*Space Camp
*The Blues Brothers
*Pee Wee's Big Adventure
*The Secret of Nihm
*The Princess Bride
*Clash of the Titans

Yes. I like serious drama. But I LOVE 80's cheese cinema even more. I have seen each of these movies at least 50 times and that is being conservative at best. What prompted me to look at my DVD wish list? I am at this very moment watching The Last Starfighter and I wanted to see if I already had it on the list. I can anticipate not only every scene of this movie, but every line. The special effects and make-up are so gloriously bad, that I am giddy with amusement. Anyone else recall the white dirt bike tire collars on the "space suits"? HA! The snake co-pilot with the emphysema laugh? Superb! Something I am noticing as an adult that I never noticed the first hundred times I've watched this film: Hello, androgyny! We'd like you to star in our film about how spending all your time playing video games might qualify you for saving the universe some day!

I am anticipating a remake of this movie any moment now. Who could play "Alex" and exude the same level of he/she vibes? Might I suggest...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

NOT a Sasquatch, I swear

My sister is going to be starring in a commercial which is going to be filmed on Tuesday. She is in charge of her own wardrobe so we went shopping this afternoon. I hate shopping for myself, but it is a real treat to make my sister try things on that I myself could never wear. You see, when I was born I sucked out the tall and curvy genes leaving my sister with just the petite and slim genes.... poor her.

Anyway, we went to a store that shall go unnamed (somewhat) but among friends it is known as "F21". I like to call it "eff U 21, ye of no pants with hips and unintentional belly-baring tops". Anyway, this store is being incorporated into my exercise goal. The goal? To fit into an "eff U 21" top and then NOT BUY IT. Because too often, I will buy a top simply because I have tried on 6 tops and then finally I get to one that fits and it feels so good to have something fit that I figure I MUST purchase this, because IT FITS!!! YAY! Even though it might be a horrid shade of green and is see-through and the neckline doesn't match up with any of the bras I have. And it makes my skin itch. And it doesn't go with anything else in my closet.

By the way, my sister found three great tops and the perfect pair of jeans (not there but somewhere that understands womanly things like booty and boobs and NO MUFFIN TOP, thank you very much).

Friday, March 21, 2008

Welcome here any time


Hello, spring. Thanks for spreading the loveliness around. We've been waiting for you.

There is nothing better than having lovely blooms and stems in your home such as this. You play a big part in that, so I thank you again.

Warmest regards,


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mr. McFeely has a favor to ask

Today is Sweater Day , as in Mr. Roger's Sweater Day.

The charitable foundation started by Mr. Rogers has asked that you recognize Mr. Rogers on this day by wearing your favorite sweater.

Here's the thing. EVERY DAY is sweater day for me. The only variation is some days are cream sweater days, others are black sweater days, and a few are blue sweater days.

Guess I am just naturally neighborly.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Smell ya later...

YAY! It's spring! Your chihuahua-terrier is dying to go for a walk in the park and since the sun is shining and you yourself have gone from ghostly pale to practically fluorescent over the winter, you are happy to oblige. But not so fast. While your chihuahua-terrier is grateful for the extra outside time, she does have some standards of conduct she expects you to adhere to. See below:

*Please do not attempt to take photographs, enjoy the scenery, or speak with anyone else in the park. Your chihuahua-terrier expects you to take care of these distractions on YOUR TIME. There is simply no time to be wasted taking pretty pictures when there is sniffing and pissing to do.

*Please steer clear of any... "others" that may be in the park. Your chihuahua-terrier is aware that the park is a public place, a fact that is unfortunately out of her control. She must insist, however, that all other park visitors make no attempt to initiate eye contact and under no circumstances make any attempt to pet her. Yes, she is cute. (Your chihuahua-terrier has even heard some say irresistibly cute). This is a fact that can not be changed and your chihuahua-terrier would like to ask: do you think people just walk right up to Dakota Fanning when SHE is at the park and expect her to amp up the adorable for their amusement? Okay, probably. But the point is your chihuahua-terrier is not Dakota Fanning. She is more like..... one of the Olsen twins. Polite, as long as you keep your distance, otherwise she's calling security.

*There is of course, an exception to the above rule. There IS a type of person for which your chihuahua-terrier will immediately wag her tail and exhibit every doggy behavior she can think of to communicate, "You are my kind of people", no matter where she goes. Is it the business lady in the expensive suit that showers your chihuahua-terrier with baby talk? Please! Keep walking, lady. Is it the security guard that has greeted your chihuahua-terrier every morning for the past 2 years on the way to his shift? NO WANT. Your chihuahua-terrier prefers the company of someone who is more of a free-spirit of sorts. Someone who not only visits the park but pretty much lives there. Your chihuahua-terrier LOVES homeless people. Her reaction to a staggering figure in the distance cursing out the shrubbery is not unlike your response to finding a twenty-dollar bill on the sidewalk. OH, LUCKY DAY!

Your chihuahua-terrier would appreciate it if you didn't judge her choice of friends.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting plugged in

Originally uploaded by sheiladilling
I was cleaning up my drive when I found this picture of a pastel I did for an art class about 4 years ago. This is about 18x24. I remember how pleased I was with this-- it started out as an exercise in eye movement and I had the most DIFFICULT time finding a subject matter to draw. I was living in a very depressing apartment at the time and as I scanned the room for ANYTHING I could use as subject matter, I kept running into this clump of wires my roommate and I had rigged for all the electronic equipment. That's when it hit me, AHA! Eye movement.. clump... just look at those wires. Ever since this exercise, I have been obsessed with appliances and mundane objects. In particular, I LOVE binder clips. If I am ever lucky enough to make my masterpiece - it will probably be made of binder clips.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Time to earn your keep

An aerial of Piper
Originally uploaded by sheiladilling
Jobs Piper can get using her head and body as an arrow:

* Directional Sign (i.e. this way ---->, that way <----)

That's pretty much it. We'll head down to CalTrans tomorrow and see if they have an opening for furry signage.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pesto, step 1

Pesto, step 1
Originally uploaded by sheiladilling
My friend Jen rents a duplex with a backyard that is begging for some attention. Jen had the brilliant idea of starting a community garden of sorts. A group of friends has been contributing some time and TODAY was planting day! Here's a list of some of the other stuff we planted:

*Red Pepper
*Green Pepper
*Green beans
*Purple Basil
*Parsley (two types)
*Marigolds (for bugs)
*Cherry tomatoes
*Heirloom tomatoes
*Beefsteak tomatoes

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eggs and Pantyhose.

I saw this great tutorial last year on craftster and I just spent about an hour trying to track it down again. Eureka! I found it! This particular tutorial is for blown eggs (you know, you make a pinhole and then rupture every vein in your cheeks blowing the entire egg out of that tiny hole?)

You wrap natural items gathered from your yard around the eggs, wrap pantyhose around them and dye them these wonderful rich brown tones using only onion skins and such.

I am going to give this a try and we'll see how it goes!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The perfect dessert for your already drunk friends

Get your green on
Originally uploaded by sheiladilling
Last year I made a Guinness chocolate cake and I have to tell you it was the moistest, bestest cake ever. It definitely smells like beer, so there is no way you will trick your friends by asking, "Guess what's in it?" Because Guinness is very pungent. But the taste is very subtle. I would describe it as kinda nutty tasting. It's absolutely delicious and if you don't like your sweets to be ultra-sweet, you will like this. And again, SOOOOO moist.

So here you go. If you've got a potluck or you are trying to come up with something for St. Patty's day, TRY THIS! (I wish I could remember where I found this recipe. I did a little searching and it is very close to Nigella Lawson's, but I am not sure. It appears here as it is in my recipe box).

One tip: as I whisked ingredients in I left the pot on the heat turning it down to simmer as I added more stuff. You will see the batter "puff" up.

1 cup Guinness
1 stick plus 2 tablespoons butter, sliced
3/4 cup cocoa (splurge and get the good stuff - I used Ghiradelli)
3/4 cup sour cream
2 cups sugar
2 cups flour
2 eggs (at room temperature)***
2 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/2 tablespoons vanilla

*** Very important! Do not improvise!!!!


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter (or spray with cooking oil) a 9 inch pan thoroughly. In a large pot combine Guinness and butter and heat until until butter is melted. Whisk in cocoa and sugar. In a small bowl, combine sour cream, eggs and vanilla. Pour into pot, whisk to combine. In a small bowl, combine baking soda and flour. Add to pot, whisking to combine. Pour into prepared pan and bake about 45 minutes or until a toothpick (inserted into the middle of the pan) comes out clean.

I used store bought whipped cream cheese frosting, but just a very thin layer. If you are the type that doesn't mind whipping out the mixer to make their own frosting than you are my hero. I, for one, hate cleaning those beaters and therefore will forever worship at the altar of Betty Crocker.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Dad and Sheila Working Out
Originally uploaded by sheiladilling
OK. Maybe if I put this out there I will commit to it.

My body is PLEADING with me to get more exercise. Srrrsly, it creaks at times. And guess what? I have a gym membership. And I live in a beautiful neighborhood perfect for walking. And I have a chihuahua terrier, with enough energy to jumpstart my car and probably every other car on my block. MUST. DO. Booty? Get to it!

So I am going to start hitting the gym/park at least three times a week (hopefully more). I may not see you as often, internet, but I will be thinking of you and how if you could, you would be spending more time outside, too.

Here I am doing my Richard Simmons impression (I am in the front with the rockin' sneaks).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's Official...

The Christmas tree has come down (it's phony-baloney, so don't be calling the fire department on me, peoples). I immediately missed it's sparkle and shimmer and power to make me smile. However, later that day I DID catch myself dancing in the living room for no apparent reason and that may because it seems more airy and light in my apartment now. I can't wait to incorporate my karate kicks back into my dance grooves.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Hope all 58 wishes you get this year come true!

Monday, March 10, 2008

That's right. I did this.

I took this picture today at Capitol Park whilst walking the chihuahua-terrier. That is somewhat MORE difficult than carrying groceries up the stairs with the chihuahua-terrier but far easier than running the automobile through the automated car wash with the chihuahua-terrier (the biggest "what was I thinking moment in my life").

Anyway, I am VERY proud of it and have titled it thus so.

Click on it for a better view. You will be happy and maybe even slightly impressed.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just a man and his will to survive

David just bought the TV of his dreams, which necessitated buying a new TV stand. In the new media center, there is just no logical space to fit his 30 or so cassette tapes he has had since the early 80's. A decision was made to get rid of this little time capsule of AWESOMENESS. I'm going to take a few to see if I can perhaps upcycle these into something cool, but most of these will probably go to Tanya, who is far more resourceful and creative when it comes to making something interesting out of diddley squat.

First, here is a list of some of the tapes in his collection:
- Bananarama
- Survivor, Vital Signs (featuring "Eye of the Tiger")
- Night Ranger
- Official Music of 1984 Los Angeles Olympiad
(featuring Loverboy, Foreigner, and Christopher Cross)
- Color Me Badd
- Rocky IV Soundtrack (featuring Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger")
- Wham!
- Eddie Murphy
- Survivor, Vital Signs (a second copy)
- Debbie Gibson, Electric Youth

Also included was a mix tape of songs by The Untouchables. David saw this band live many times during his adolescent years in Orange County. He popped it into the boombox and we listened to "I Spy for the FBI", "Shamalama", and "Johnny". I just downloaded their "Free Yourself" album and I can't recommend it enough. It's full of ska energy with lots of horns and catchy lyrics. And it just might redeem you from whatever music skeletons you have sitting in YOUR collection.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A new day, a new bunny

They're multiplying
I'm making a bundle of these (some for the shop, some for friends).

Friday, March 7, 2008

My mood

Bunny Collapse
Originally uploaded by sheiladilling
This is how I am feeling today. Like this bunny.

Like I have been SHOVED to the point of keeling over and instead of getting back up have just decided to lay there..... indefinitely. (I think this guy's excuse is that he has no arms or legs, but nonetheless, I relate).

If you need me, I'll be laying right here, avoiding eye contact and keeping to myself.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby went to Amsterdam...

More Canal Houses
Originally uploaded by sheiladilling
I am the luckiest girl in the world because I travelled to Holland last July with my cousin Jennifer. I immediately fell in love with Amsterdam, a city that has much more to offer than boobs and doobies. There is culture everywhere you look with every step and in every face that you see (the Dutch are extremely friendly and blunt - a quality that makes them all the more charming).

My friend Schaa leaves for Europe on Saturday, and will be visiting Amsterdam as well as parts of Italy. As I figure out how I can steal her ticket without anyone else being the wiser, here is a list of things I miss about Amsterdam:

* Bicycles!! Anywhere and everywhere in every size and shape
* Greeting everyone with a kiss on each cheek
* Cool, wavy no-fuss travel hair
* No driving! Yippee!! If you need to relax, try this one at home.
* Kaas (cheese). Oh, the cheeeeeeeeese.
* Not being the most pale-skinned person everywhere I go
* Daydreaming about which canal house to move into
* Daydreaming about which houseboat to move into
* Hanging out with my cousin every day
* That red jelly-like sauce that came with our Argentinian steak
* Multi Euro coins!! We need to get on this bandwagon, America.
* Having everywhere you want to go be only 15 minutes away
* The XXX's everywhere (their flag, you pervs)
* Trying to pass as European and failing miserably
* Having it stay light out until 11:00 at night only to have the sun come up at 5:00 in the morning
* Heading home at 5:00 in the morning and the streets are bustling with people also headed home
* Waking up at 9:00 in the morning and not a single person, bicycle, or car can be found

Click on the picture to get to some of my Amsterdam pic in my Flickr set

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

But you can call me Earl

A list of nicknames I've had in my life:

*sheasy (um... obviously)
*Sheila E.
*Sheila Monster
*Sheena Easton
*Dr. Sheila (from Sheila M.D., my initals)
*Sheba cat food
*Sheila Dill Pickle
*Sheila whassadealio
*Sheena Queen of the Jungle
*butthole (my cousin Laurie calls me this but I suspect I may not be the only one she is using this on....)

Am I forgetting some? Post 'em in the comments. I know I have been called more names than this...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A quiet confrontation

I’m walking the dog, and we enter the crosswalk.

*meep, meep*

Wha? I look around for a duck in the road or maybe some geese flying overhead. Nothing. Hmmmm… We continue our jaunt across the street. We are almost on the other side.

*meeeep, meeeeep*

Now I am concerned. Clearly a small animal is in distress. Is it possible a baby sheep has lost its way? Downtown is no place to bring your livestock. This is highly inappropriate. I look around and see nary a frantic critter. Maybe this is none of my business. We keep walking.


*meep, meep, meep*

*toot, toot*

I look behind me. A Vespa is waiting at the light and behind it is a Mini Cooper. They are either in the midst of a heated discussion or like monkeys in the jungle, are alerting each other to the presence of a more dangerous, ominous element approaching. Perhaps a Hummer has become visible in the rear-view mirror.


*toot, toot*

*meep, meep, meep*

*toot, toot, toot *


The light turns green.

Crisis averted.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pauline Jones

Pauline Jones
Originally uploaded by sheiladilling
Twenty years ago today, my granny passed away. I was twelve when she died. It is sweet and strange to feel so close to someone who has never known me as an adult. Here are some things I remember about my granny :

- My granny played the type of Bingo that gives the winners 3 dozen eggs or 5 pounds of bacon. When she won, she’d cook us a huge breakfast the next morning.
- My granny let us kids draw all over her arms and legs with markers and pens.
- At night, my granny wore long velvety housecoats in jewel-tone colors like teal and ruby and purple. She always seemed comfortable and regal at the same time.
- My granny introduced me to Patsy Cline. One summer we bought some 45s at a garage sale, brought them back to house and played them on my Playskool “portable” record player while drinking sweet tea that was still warm but had lots of ice in it.
- My granny had a sectional sofa that was the coolest piece of furniture I had ever seen. We kids would hang out in the corner between the walls and the sofa, which was really the only place to hide inside her tiny house.
- My granny loved strawberries.
- My granny sent me a check for $5 every birthday inside some bunny note cards. I still have the last two checks she mailed me and that bunny stationery.
- My granny had dentures, which I didn’t realize for a long time, were NOT her real teeth. I wasted a lot of time trying to pull my teeth out all in one piece like granny.
- My granny often took us to work with her. We would ride the bus downtown and while my granny cleaned offices, we would clip as many binder clips to our clothes as we could find.
- My granny let me stay up late to watch Dobie Gillis, the Donna Reed show, and Burns & Allen.
- My granny was no cook, but made Tuna ala Funa and Tater-Tot casserole in a way that has yet to be reproduced.
- My granny smelled like AquaNet and cigarettes, a smell that should be patented and bottled.
- Behind my granny’s house were blackberry bushes and we kids would eat as many as we could pick even though our parents told us not to. They were tasteless and delicious at the same time.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


The number of times David has beat me at Scrabble including last night:

- That one time,a couple years ago

The number of times David claims to have beat me at Scrabble:

- Every other time we play

The number of times we argue over how many times David has won at Scrabble:

- Every time we play

The word David always makes when he has five vowels and two consonants:

- ego

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March Madness times 31

If you haven't heard, NaBloPoMo has gone monthly! The challenge is to post every single day for a month and the theme for March is Lists. So, here I am, all signed up and everything and ready to go.

I am a lover of lists, a list-luvah, so prepare to feast your eyes on as much lusty listiness as you can handle... or something. And in other news:

My brother-in-law and sister are surprising my folks by laying their new floor while my parents are out of town. Of course, they called me to help and I was given the heftiest task: keeping the 4-year-old and ten-month-old occupied. We spent the whole day in my parent's backyard. Here's a list of what we did:

-Made cardboard surfboards
-Performed handstands (with assistance)
-Played pirate takeover
-Climbed a tree (part way)
-Took our boots off
-Ate applesauce and Cheerios
-Wrote post-it notes for Papa and Mamaw and left them in obvious places
-Played tug the Popple with Piper and fell down a lot
-Put our boots on
-Pet Piper without going for the eyes, ears, or tail
-Talked ONLY like a crow, "Caa, caa"
-Kept a lookout through the hole in the fence for angry zebras
-Took our boots off
-Tickled the bottom of our feet
-Used the digital camera to play scavenger hunt
-Dug a hole, filled it, dug it again
-Walked like a scary gorilla, a scary lion, and a scary penguin
-Put our boots on
-Flew using my parents' magic golf umbrella
-Freaked out at a roly-poly that faked being dead
-Freaked out at a beetle that was anything but dead and FAST
-Freaked out that a ladybug flew away instead of sitting calmly on a shoulder

and for Blythe:
-touched grass for the very first time*

*when I am eighty, I want this memory to be the most vivid of all of 'em.