Friday, March 28, 2008

Art plus Accessories = Style minus Effort

Look what just arrived! I wore this bamboo pendant featuring the brilliant photography of Tiffany Teske yesterday. It radiates SPRING, so if you are living in one of those places that still has snow on the ground and you are wearing your winter coat every day, try on one of these - you will be gazing longingly at it all day (and you won't be the only one, I got endless compliments throughout the day). Here it is framed by one of my favorite Mr. Roger's sweaters, the one with the over sized buttons.

Tiffany handmakes the pendants and they showcase her amazing photography. She's travelled all over the world and her portfolio has something for everyone. Do you long for international culture? Check. Do you marvel at nature? Check. Does the human form never cease to amaze you? Check. Did you have a tire swing as a child and are yearning to point your feet straight up to the sky again? Yeah. She's got that, too.

Now go check it out for yourself:

Photo Pendant


joonbeam said...

This is fabulous, Sheasy! Great entry and photo. Thanks for sharing! Love Tiff's creations.

Tiffany Teske said...

Thank you so much for the awesome feature, Sheasy! I really appreciate it and I am so happy you love our pendant :) We love our bunny!! Yippee!!