Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting plugged in

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I was cleaning up my drive when I found this picture of a pastel I did for an art class about 4 years ago. This is about 18x24. I remember how pleased I was with this-- it started out as an exercise in eye movement and I had the most DIFFICULT time finding a subject matter to draw. I was living in a very depressing apartment at the time and as I scanned the room for ANYTHING I could use as subject matter, I kept running into this clump of wires my roommate and I had rigged for all the electronic equipment. That's when it hit me, AHA! Eye movement.. clump... just look at those wires. Ever since this exercise, I have been obsessed with appliances and mundane objects. In particular, I LOVE binder clips. If I am ever lucky enough to make my masterpiece - it will probably be made of binder clips.

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Anonymous said...

I love how the red wire running through DOES draw your eye. The binder clip thing - do you think it's due to spending all that time with Granny at work?