Thursday, March 13, 2008


Dad and Sheila Working Out
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OK. Maybe if I put this out there I will commit to it.

My body is PLEADING with me to get more exercise. Srrrsly, it creaks at times. And guess what? I have a gym membership. And I live in a beautiful neighborhood perfect for walking. And I have a chihuahua terrier, with enough energy to jumpstart my car and probably every other car on my block. MUST. DO. Booty? Get to it!

So I am going to start hitting the gym/park at least three times a week (hopefully more). I may not see you as often, internet, but I will be thinking of you and how if you could, you would be spending more time outside, too.

Here I am doing my Richard Simmons impression (I am in the front with the rockin' sneaks).


Anonymous said...

Something tells me those JAZZ HANDS will truly inspire you!

sweetcheese said...

Yay! I am rooting for you. If only so I can become less intimidated by that whole "being healthy" thing.
Now, off to get some speed skating practice in for the night.

robyn said...

Me too, belong to a gym, plenty of parks near by and I live only a mile or two from work so I could walk. Last fall my friends were all talking about how their jeans are getting tight and at that point my jeans were all fealing loose. Now I can totally relate to that "how have my jeans shrunk so much in the dryer?!?!?" feeling.
I actually went to the gym today, but I MUST make a habit of it.