Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just a man and his will to survive

David just bought the TV of his dreams, which necessitated buying a new TV stand. In the new media center, there is just no logical space to fit his 30 or so cassette tapes he has had since the early 80's. A decision was made to get rid of this little time capsule of AWESOMENESS. I'm going to take a few to see if I can perhaps upcycle these into something cool, but most of these will probably go to Tanya, who is far more resourceful and creative when it comes to making something interesting out of diddley squat.

First, here is a list of some of the tapes in his collection:
- Bananarama
- Survivor, Vital Signs (featuring "Eye of the Tiger")
- Night Ranger
- Official Music of 1984 Los Angeles Olympiad
(featuring Loverboy, Foreigner, and Christopher Cross)
- Color Me Badd
- Rocky IV Soundtrack (featuring Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger")
- Wham!
- Eddie Murphy
- Survivor, Vital Signs (a second copy)
- Debbie Gibson, Electric Youth

Also included was a mix tape of songs by The Untouchables. David saw this band live many times during his adolescent years in Orange County. He popped it into the boombox and we listened to "I Spy for the FBI", "Shamalama", and "Johnny". I just downloaded their "Free Yourself" album and I can't recommend it enough. It's full of ska energy with lots of horns and catchy lyrics. And it just might redeem you from whatever music skeletons you have sitting in YOUR collection.

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Anonymous said...

OH my GOODNESS, I JUST yesterday secretly threw Jeremy's ENTIRE cassette collection into the goodwill box, then covered it with some old pants I know he doesn't want. People who shop at goodwill still listen to tapes, right?