Saturday, March 1, 2008

March Madness times 31

If you haven't heard, NaBloPoMo has gone monthly! The challenge is to post every single day for a month and the theme for March is Lists. So, here I am, all signed up and everything and ready to go.

I am a lover of lists, a list-luvah, so prepare to feast your eyes on as much lusty listiness as you can handle... or something. And in other news:

My brother-in-law and sister are surprising my folks by laying their new floor while my parents are out of town. Of course, they called me to help and I was given the heftiest task: keeping the 4-year-old and ten-month-old occupied. We spent the whole day in my parent's backyard. Here's a list of what we did:

-Made cardboard surfboards
-Performed handstands (with assistance)
-Played pirate takeover
-Climbed a tree (part way)
-Took our boots off
-Ate applesauce and Cheerios
-Wrote post-it notes for Papa and Mamaw and left them in obvious places
-Played tug the Popple with Piper and fell down a lot
-Put our boots on
-Pet Piper without going for the eyes, ears, or tail
-Talked ONLY like a crow, "Caa, caa"
-Kept a lookout through the hole in the fence for angry zebras
-Took our boots off
-Tickled the bottom of our feet
-Used the digital camera to play scavenger hunt
-Dug a hole, filled it, dug it again
-Walked like a scary gorilla, a scary lion, and a scary penguin
-Put our boots on
-Flew using my parents' magic golf umbrella
-Freaked out at a roly-poly that faked being dead
-Freaked out at a beetle that was anything but dead and FAST
-Freaked out that a ladybug flew away instead of sitting calmly on a shoulder

and for Blythe:
-touched grass for the very first time*

*when I am eighty, I want this memory to be the most vivid of all of 'em.


sweetcheese said...

Oooh, lists are great--and I love this one, even if I wasn't the lucky one to watch for angry zebras!

Anonymous said...

I am printing this out to put in the scrapbook. You're such a great Aunt!

p.s. Mom and Dad LOVE the floors! Mom said, "I don't even have the words" which is, I think, the best reaction ever!

PdBD said...

Yes indeed we do love the floors, thanks to all 5 of you for the time and effort you spent. Looks like Sheasy had all the fun though