Saturday, March 22, 2008

NOT a Sasquatch, I swear

My sister is going to be starring in a commercial which is going to be filmed on Tuesday. She is in charge of her own wardrobe so we went shopping this afternoon. I hate shopping for myself, but it is a real treat to make my sister try things on that I myself could never wear. You see, when I was born I sucked out the tall and curvy genes leaving my sister with just the petite and slim genes.... poor her.

Anyway, we went to a store that shall go unnamed (somewhat) but among friends it is known as "F21". I like to call it "eff U 21, ye of no pants with hips and unintentional belly-baring tops". Anyway, this store is being incorporated into my exercise goal. The goal? To fit into an "eff U 21" top and then NOT BUY IT. Because too often, I will buy a top simply because I have tried on 6 tops and then finally I get to one that fits and it feels so good to have something fit that I figure I MUST purchase this, because IT FITS!!! YAY! Even though it might be a horrid shade of green and is see-through and the neckline doesn't match up with any of the bras I have. And it makes my skin itch. And it doesn't go with anything else in my closet.

By the way, my sister found three great tops and the perfect pair of jeans (not there but somewhere that understands womanly things like booty and boobs and NO MUFFIN TOP, thank you very much).

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