Monday, March 3, 2008

Pauline Jones

Pauline Jones
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Twenty years ago today, my granny passed away. I was twelve when she died. It is sweet and strange to feel so close to someone who has never known me as an adult. Here are some things I remember about my granny :

- My granny played the type of Bingo that gives the winners 3 dozen eggs or 5 pounds of bacon. When she won, she’d cook us a huge breakfast the next morning.
- My granny let us kids draw all over her arms and legs with markers and pens.
- At night, my granny wore long velvety housecoats in jewel-tone colors like teal and ruby and purple. She always seemed comfortable and regal at the same time.
- My granny introduced me to Patsy Cline. One summer we bought some 45s at a garage sale, brought them back to house and played them on my Playskool “portable” record player while drinking sweet tea that was still warm but had lots of ice in it.
- My granny had a sectional sofa that was the coolest piece of furniture I had ever seen. We kids would hang out in the corner between the walls and the sofa, which was really the only place to hide inside her tiny house.
- My granny loved strawberries.
- My granny sent me a check for $5 every birthday inside some bunny note cards. I still have the last two checks she mailed me and that bunny stationery.
- My granny had dentures, which I didn’t realize for a long time, were NOT her real teeth. I wasted a lot of time trying to pull my teeth out all in one piece like granny.
- My granny often took us to work with her. We would ride the bus downtown and while my granny cleaned offices, we would clip as many binder clips to our clothes as we could find.
- My granny let me stay up late to watch Dobie Gillis, the Donna Reed show, and Burns & Allen.
- My granny was no cook, but made Tuna ala Funa and Tater-Tot casserole in a way that has yet to be reproduced.
- My granny smelled like AquaNet and cigarettes, a smell that should be patented and bottled.
- Behind my granny’s house were blackberry bushes and we kids would eat as many as we could pick even though our parents told us not to. They were tasteless and delicious at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Awww! This is awesome Shelia!! I don't have very many memories of granny, but the ones I have are wonderful.
-I also remember granny letting me draw all over her.... a huge black butterfly on her foot comes to mind.
-I remember her super woman strength pinkie toe that could magically bend over the next toe....I still can't do that!
-Her pulling her dentures out with her tongue scared the begeezes out of me....I just couldn't figure it out.
-I had the Snoopy doll that she sent me for years...I even kept it after my dog ate his nose off because my granny bought it for me.
-She also sent me Rainbow of my faves.
-I remember all of her little knick-knacks that I loved to play with.
-I remember granny being so patient and kind.
-She would let me have drinks of her wine coolers which I thought were kool-aid.
-My dad says she was the best woman that ever walked this earth!
I miss granny and wish I would've gotten to know her better....her life story still lives on though.

Jonnie said...

Woops! I had to set up a google account to post my name....those are my comments.

Anonymous said...

Why have I always thought she died in May, and anyway why have I never ASKED anyone the exact date?

Things I remember about Granny:

- Cutting pizza with scissors
- Playing SkipBo
- You forgot to mention the ENORMOUS HILL we had to climb in order to reach the bus stop. I remember coming home from a shopping trip where she bought a new suitcase with wheels, and we had such fun taking it down that hill.
- The smell of her basement.
- Taking baths with her, in the basement! And the one time there was a centipede in there!
- Her laugh. Almost always a full-on, toss your head back kind of laugh.
- Her patience. Man, how could the woman have that much patience?
- How she cried when she borrowed mom's car and it got swiped by a hit-and-run out front.

Oh, I could go on and on!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I forgot, the water beetles in the kitchen at night! It still gives me the heebie-jeebies. And how they would scurry when you turned a light on. I remember Aunt Debbie up on a chair in the dining room, waiting for them to clear out.

robayre said...

What a wonderful tribute to your grandma. I love that.
I love where you said "It is sweet and strange to feel so close to someone who has never known me as an adult." I absolutely relate to that, but could never have put it so wonderfully as you have. It makes me sad sometimes to think about the things I wish I could share with her about my life now, she was so supportive of everything I did. It's just that most of the people that had such an important impact on my life, and who I would become, are still in my life now, but she's gone.
Anyway, you've inspired me, and I think I should do a post sometime, dedicated to her.
Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

I remember the HUGE snow slide that Jo, Brian and I made going from the back yard curving around the house into the front yard. Granny would come out and watch us even though she was freezing and laugh at us for screaming everytime we went down it.

She used to let us play with all her jewelry with I thought was real and was always careful with.

She would make a cheesecake and hide a macaroni noodle in it and whoever got the piece with the noodle was queen for the day. I ate the whole thing one time just trying to get the noodle. Needless to say I got sick and didn't care if I was queen for the day!

She would take us to Penny Park even though she probably didn't want to, but since we wanted to she would.

I loved going to the grocery store and to Woolworths with her. We would always beg for something and she would give in even though she really didn't have it. It wasn't until later that I realized that she didn't have it and felt really bad about begging for something.

I remember the Nebraska cowboy hat she bought me and pissed off my dad.

I didn't know until yesterday that Kendall was born the day Granny died on. I am wondering if that's why Kendall is so sweet, patient and caring about others. Maybe there's a little Granny in her, I can only hope.

I could go on & on about Granny. It is kinda funny how we all remember her corky ways. I guess that way she will always be remembered..... I loved her very much and still do. Jennifer