Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A quiet confrontation

I’m walking the dog, and we enter the crosswalk.

*meep, meep*

Wha? I look around for a duck in the road or maybe some geese flying overhead. Nothing. Hmmmm… We continue our jaunt across the street. We are almost on the other side.

*meeeep, meeeeep*

Now I am concerned. Clearly a small animal is in distress. Is it possible a baby sheep has lost its way? Downtown is no place to bring your livestock. This is highly inappropriate. I look around and see nary a frantic critter. Maybe this is none of my business. We keep walking.


*meep, meep, meep*

*toot, toot*

I look behind me. A Vespa is waiting at the light and behind it is a Mini Cooper. They are either in the midst of a heated discussion or like monkeys in the jungle, are alerting each other to the presence of a more dangerous, ominous element approaching. Perhaps a Hummer has become visible in the rear-view mirror.


*toot, toot*

*meep, meep, meep*

*toot, toot, toot *


The light turns green.

Crisis averted.


sweetcheese said...

Haha. You should write a book about the mysterious culture of the elusive Sac mini-commuter.

Mrs. F said...

OMG, I just spit soda out on my keyboard. That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!