Thursday, March 27, 2008

The sheasy way

This morning I only hit the snooze button two times before getting up instead of three. Although I haven't gotten to the part of The Artist's Way that has asked me to starting waking up an additional 30 minutes early, I figure I ought to ease into it. That means... that this morning I had a whole extra TEN MINUTES! WHAT did I do with this extra cushion of time? Did I:

a.) Zone out like a zombie in the shower washing the same parts over and over again once out from under the pressure of only having 5 minutes to get clean?

b.) Blow dry my hair until it was completely dry only to discover the when my hair is completely dry I resemble a chow-chow.

c.) Search everywhere for my black shoes becoming convinced that my size 15 boyfriend must have taken them from me and why would he do that, only to search the pile of laundry in the closet a third time deciding to dig just a little deeper until I found the left shoe, then spending the same amount of time looking for the right shoe only to discover it is at the far end of the closet where my chihuahua-terrier likes to sleep while I am at work.

d.) All of the above, leaving for work 15 minutes late.


robayre said...

Time and time again I swear you are reading my same thoughts and living my same life on the other end of the country. The only part you left out:
e: All of the above, plus checking my email, and all the same sites I would promptly check again once I got to work late.

Andrea said...

It never fails: when you have extra time, you end up running late. GAH!

sheasy said...

Tomorrow, I am challenging myself to get up 20 minutes earlier... that is only 1 snooze hit!!

I do the same thing: check e-mail and Google reader before I leave work then again once I get home. Then I am disappointed when there isnothing new.

stacysdesigns88 said...

You make me laugh! ;) Had to check out your daily blogging. I'm working my way from present to past. Ok, it's about 12:15am Hawaii time now. I don't think I'm going to get too far tonite. But there's always tomorrow...

joonbeam said...

This is so funny I read it out loud to Evan. He loved it, too. Good luck with that book. I think you may need it. Remember, there's a reason we are who we are so don't go trying to change too much for a book theory - unless you are happier doing it!