Monday, March 31, 2008

Things I would rather buy with $3.87 instead of a gallon of gas

*Some wire for my jaw, which dropped to the floor as I filled up this morning
*2 loads of laundry at Suds City
*The 3 taco combo at Taco Bell (Free hot sauce!)
*3 Quick Pick Lottery tickets
*6 Press-a-Penny souvenirs
*18 songs of my choice on the jukebox at Mel’s Diner
(Any ditties about how cool the bus is on there?)
*3 Extra Large Slurpees (Treat your friends!)
*5 games of Ms. Pac Man, 5 games of Frogger, and 5 games of Centipede
*A deluxe box of snacks for my buddy


Ginger M. said...

I'd take a large super premium bar of chocolate over a gallon of gas at that price. And then walk the calories away. Btw, a cute etsy collection you've got here. :) All the best for April!

sweetcheese said...

I am afraid I will have to use my 387 pennies on a unicycle tire so I can wobble to work...