Sunday, March 23, 2008

Totally Awesome

Here is a list of DVDs I have on my Amazon Wish List. See if you notice any common thread among these titles:

*batteries not included
*Time Bandits
*The Last Unicorn
*Space Camp
*The Blues Brothers
*Pee Wee's Big Adventure
*The Secret of Nihm
*The Princess Bride
*Clash of the Titans

Yes. I like serious drama. But I LOVE 80's cheese cinema even more. I have seen each of these movies at least 50 times and that is being conservative at best. What prompted me to look at my DVD wish list? I am at this very moment watching The Last Starfighter and I wanted to see if I already had it on the list. I can anticipate not only every scene of this movie, but every line. The special effects and make-up are so gloriously bad, that I am giddy with amusement. Anyone else recall the white dirt bike tire collars on the "space suits"? HA! The snake co-pilot with the emphysema laugh? Superb! Something I am noticing as an adult that I never noticed the first hundred times I've watched this film: Hello, androgyny! We'd like you to star in our film about how spending all your time playing video games might qualify you for saving the universe some day!

I am anticipating a remake of this movie any moment now. Who could play "Alex" and exude the same level of he/she vibes? Might I suggest...

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Anonymous said...

You forgot the BEST MOVIE EVER - The Last Starfighticorn!