Monday, April 28, 2008

Flat Bridget hogs the remote

I have unexpected company. She is from Iowa and she is visiting California for the first time. Her name is Flat Bridget and it may be obvious, but she is flat. Not flat in the way my sister complained about throughout her teenage years, but flat as in 2-D.

One of the things I have noticed about Flat Bridget is that she is always in a good mood and is quick to offer a smile. For example, this weekend as I struggled with the vaccum cleaner attachments I attempted to use for the very first time in the 10 years since purchasing said vaccuum, which resulted in the expiration of a very fine and repulsive dust forcefully shot out all over my person.... SMILE! Later, I tackled the complicated task of "Eating with Utensils" and I dropped a heaping fork-full of salad on the front of my shirt leaving an oily splotch. Twice... SMILE! Stubbed my toe.... SMILE! Got toothpaste in my eye (again!)... SMILE. SMILE. SMILE.

Thanks, Flat Bridget, for witnessing me in my natural habitat as my less than perfect self and for thinking that that is OK by you. It reminds a clumsy, goofy, messy girl like me that there is a lot to smile about even when you are slightly blinded in your right eye due to toothpaste poisoning.

Also, Flat Bridget, you make a great coaster.

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Andrea said...

I am soooo laughing right now. And I love Piper's pained expression as she tolerates flat Bridget's affection.