Saturday, April 12, 2008

No BOSSY for sheasy

Do you love BOSSY? Because I love BOSSY and BOSSY just stopped in San Francisco on her excellent road trip. And I missed her because well kids, some times things don't work out as planned. But my sister and her husband went and took emu chili and strawberries and chocolate and drank lots of wine in my place. Check out my sister's account and then go see what BOSSY has to say about all of this.

Now even though I wasn't there, in true BOSSY fashion I was in pursuit of finding a solution to my on-going hair issues. My hair issue being that for some time my hair has been a shade that does not occur in nature: not blond, not brunette, not red... maybe tortoise shell? Anyway, thanks to Garnier Nutrisse it is now THIS color:

New Hair Color... still more than one color.

It is still somewhat blond and brunette and red, but at least now it looks a little more intentional and not as if I am a new breed of woman... the American Brindle Sheasy. Not a pure-breed of course, but easily trainable with minimal shedding.

It only cost me 3 and a half dog treats to get these guys to admit it turned out fabulous. See their reassuring expressions? Woman's best friends, indeed.

These guys find me VERY interesting.


Andrea said...

Your hair looks fab and all, but my attention is on the awesome photo of Clyde and Piper. I love how Clyde helps Piper to look dainty, and how Piper's shadow is kissing Clyde's foot. Aww.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Love the new hair color. Don't know if the photo is really showing off its true fabulousity. Your dogs are so cute! ;)