Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey internets,

Dude. We need to go get some coffee or something cause it's been a while. In fact, lets make that a couple of mojitos and while we're at it, we'll ask the bartender if he's got a girlfriend. Some things I've been up to:
  • Found Art Tuesday: I just finished my second contribution. The concept is to leave a piece of art you have created in a public place for someone to stumble upon. And you do it on Tuesday or whatever day you are not training your chihuahua-terrier how to do the dishes (a far more arduous and longterm goal). Here is my interpretation of this week's theme: CHARM. That's right. CHARM YOUR FOES, YOU CAN DO IT. If that doesn't work than tell your co-workers he has something highly infectious and steals office supplies.

Found Art Tuesday 5-20-08

  • Baby B had a B-Day: My niece, Blythe is one. ONE IN A MILLION.
    Happy Birthday, B
    See? I told you.
  • Arizona: my cousin, Jo, just moved to the alphabet state and I am headed there this Friday for our annual "Cuzzins" vacation with my sister and my other cousin, Jennifer (below). Consider this a tornado warning Scottsdale. A wild flurry of sassy, cackling, beautiful women who all slightly resemble each other are headed your way AND YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.
  • Worst Case Scenario: If you are playing this survival instincts board game you should know that the proper way to eat a worm is to first, starve it for 24 hours, then squeeze the "dirt" out of it, dry the worm out on a rock and then ground it into a powder. Do NOT listen to your seven-year-old self telling you the best way is to swallow the worm whole even if it based on personal experience. 'Cause ya gonna loooooooozzzzzzz.
Crips win.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Quite Contrary

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The community garden project is FLOURISHING! Last weekend we weeded and drilled (more later) and watered and shrieked in horror when lo and behold one of our boxes has frakking termites. Imagine you are elbow deep in soil when all of a sudden you realize this: the soil? Is moooooving. You lean in closer because apparently you have horror-movie-like survival instincts (none). And then.. (when I write the screenplay based on my community garden experience, this next scene will have an orchestra of shrieking violins and an extreme close-up) you see hundreds of bulbous, squirmy, moist, transcluscent, white larvae-ish bugs(!) with VISIBLE MANDIBLES. EV-ER-EE-WHERE. A sample taken to the nursery was not met with much concern. Apparently they are after the wood-based mulch and we were assured that they won't hurt the plants. Next question, nursery guy: will yakking my Honey Nut Cheerios all over the place hurt the plants? Let's figure out a way to kill these things dead. Please.

We do have some welcome guests in our garden. Lots and lots of ladybugs. Is there another creature more aptly named? These guys are ever so courteous and by courteous I mean, they keep their chompers to themselves. Thank you, ladies. Please help yourselves to as many of those squiggly things down below as you like. Tea will be served shortly.

Here are some pictures of the progress.

You may notice the squash has taken over. It was decided we needed a fourth box. Lumber was purchased, bags of soil carried, and a drill was yielded to make a cozy little home for the zucchini, so it can raise it's little zucchini babies and then we will EAT THEM UP YUM! Thank you, Jack, for letting each of us have a go at drilling. I want that drill. And in the meantime, yes, my testicles are coming in nicely.

Of course, gardening wouldn't be gardening with a little bit of distraction. We had three canine helpers: Loretta, the pup; Jasmine, the princess; and my little Piper, always playing hall montior to everyone else's activities. It's a dog party, ya'll!! Woot, woot!