Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hey internets,

Dude. We need to go get some coffee or something cause it's been a while. In fact, lets make that a couple of mojitos and while we're at it, we'll ask the bartender if he's got a girlfriend. Some things I've been up to:
  • Found Art Tuesday: I just finished my second contribution. The concept is to leave a piece of art you have created in a public place for someone to stumble upon. And you do it on Tuesday or whatever day you are not training your chihuahua-terrier how to do the dishes (a far more arduous and longterm goal). Here is my interpretation of this week's theme: CHARM. That's right. CHARM YOUR FOES, YOU CAN DO IT. If that doesn't work than tell your co-workers he has something highly infectious and steals office supplies.

Found Art Tuesday 5-20-08

  • Baby B had a B-Day: My niece, Blythe is one. ONE IN A MILLION.
    Happy Birthday, B
    See? I told you.
  • Arizona: my cousin, Jo, just moved to the alphabet state and I am headed there this Friday for our annual "Cuzzins" vacation with my sister and my other cousin, Jennifer (below). Consider this a tornado warning Scottsdale. A wild flurry of sassy, cackling, beautiful women who all slightly resemble each other are headed your way AND YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.
  • Worst Case Scenario: If you are playing this survival instincts board game you should know that the proper way to eat a worm is to first, starve it for 24 hours, then squeeze the "dirt" out of it, dry the worm out on a rock and then ground it into a powder. Do NOT listen to your seven-year-old self telling you the best way is to swallow the worm whole even if it based on personal experience. 'Cause ya gonna loooooooozzzzzzz.
Crips win.

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Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Hi! Hope you're having a great time in Arizona with your family.

I just want to let you know there's a game of Etsy tag going on and YOU'RE IT!!

If you don't know the rules, you can find them here :

Don't hate me. ;)