Monday, June 30, 2008

Chains and Links

Took these pictures on a recent walkabout:




And just to get a little creepy, a face in a tree:

Tree Face

And I blogged about my recent Found Art Tuesday Project over on Create-a-Day. The theme for this one was SUN.


RainforestRobin said...

The face in the tree is not creepy at all!!! It is gorgeous. What a find. And what a great photo. Also liked the way you took the chainlink fence! Interesting perspective! Good job! :)

KT said...

I love these pictures... I wish I could take ones like these!

And yes, you must see the movie! It's a tear jerker!!

Gale said...

Not creepy, very cool!!!!

susan said...

Wow...who knew a plain ol' chain link fence could look so interesting? Nice shots.

sheasy said...

Thanks! I think it was the time of evening that inspired me to look around a bit closer in my neighborhood. A perfect summer evening.