Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making Out Big Time

First, let me tell you I have a weird thing about presents. I like to give little lovelies and send them out into the universe and spread the love, but I find that anticipatory feeling that hangs in the air when opening gifts for myself awkward and paralyzing. I'm literally speechless with a frozen grin on my face as I ruffle through tissue and struggle with all of the strategically placed tape. I usually stall by making a big deal about the wrapping, as if asking about here they got it and when and complimenting the wonders of Target can keep me from the inevitable. I don't worry that I won't like the gift, I fret over whether I will be able to convey just HOW touched I am that somebody thought so kindly of me. Typically I ask that people not get me gifts whenever the topic comes up. I'm always overwhelmed and giddy when people who know me better than myself ignore me and get me something extremely thoughtful and beautiful anyway. I get some pretty cool loot.

For instance, here are a couple of items I scored for the recent turning of another year.

My friend Natalie is an amazing shopper. She has a wicked sense of personal style and knows where all the coolest shops are. If you go to dinner with Natalie, strangers will stop you guys, to comment on something Natalie is wearing. She got me this necklace from a boutique she found:


I love it. If you are fashion challenged like me, you need a necklace like this in your wardrobe because it can give the blah-est of outfits just the right punch.

My cousin, Jo (also an excellent shopper), said only this to me, "I already bought your gift, then I saw this and I had to get it for you". It speaks for itself:


This is perfect because I have been building up my tote bag collection enough that I haven't had to use grocery store bags. Go, Planet Earth!

My sister, Andrea, has a blog. And she found this set in the shop of one of her readers. How to describe..... AMAZING? Just look at this:


It's a teapot service from the 50's with a "silver luster". It's just my style, a little retro and modern at the same time with a dash of art deco. If you can believe this it is PORCELAIN! Made in England, of course, because those gents know a little someting about making tea. It's definitely a piece of art and probably won't ever see a spot of tea.

I have a couple more amazing gifts to share, but I will put them in a separate post where I don't spend the first half complaining about getting TRULY AWESOME gifts.


Andrea @ Sweet Life said...

So glad you love it! You DO get lotsa good loot, don't you?

Esther V. said...

I love the necklace Natalie gave you, it's soooo prettyyyy and that tote bag is SO funny. I bet you get a lot of comments on it.
I miss you guys, I'll have to plan a trip sometime.

michelle @ TNS said...

holy crap, where does that tote bag come from? it has bacon on it! I NEED IT!

Bobbi's Book Nook said...

I feel the same way about receiving gifts as you do. Nice blog - I learned about you from the ladies of AllMediocre.

sheasy said...

The tote is a stroke of Target genius, but I would love to see someone make their own version of this. DO!