Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh, so that's why there's cake

Sheila Eating some Birthday Cake

This picture captures exactly how I feel about my birthday - which is, "What day is it, again"? I don't know when I started forgetting my own birthday. I LOVE celebrating other people's birthdays, but for some reason mine barely blips on the radar a day before. It's not that I fret about getting old or anything like that. But it's not a day I make sure I'm wearing best undies, either.

On a side note, my dad took this picture. If you were to look through our family photo album you would see endless pictures of my mom and sister and me, walking through doors with blank faces, standing in lines with blank faces, or sleeping with even less than blank faces, trails of drool creeping out of our mouths. My dad is notorious for his "Gotcha!" style photography. Thanks for the memories, dad. It's good to know I have a history of being easily caught off guard and slow to react. Otherwise I might be worried about all that glue I've been sniffing.

By the way, today IS my birthday and thanks friends and family for all the lovely reminders. You all are the best reasons ever to have a birthday.


sweetcheese said...

I L-O-V-E the balloons that are taped(?) to the walls in the background! And thank you for having me over to help you celebrate your "surprise" birthday.

sheasy said...

That's not tape! That's good ole fashioned static electricity!! notice that lingering frizz on my head (still lingering).

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Happy BeLaTED B-Day! I'm so bad that when people ask my age I first have to recall the year I'm born and then do the math. And sometimes, I kinda just round it off to the nearest Zero! ;)

180/360 said...

Those balloons are hilarious!