Monday, June 23, 2008

This Post Also Makes an Excellent Cozy

In addition to posting all that is sheasy time, I also contribute to Create-a-Day, a group blog of extremely talented people that make all kinds of STUFF in a manner of different styles and ways. For the most part, if I post something over there, I don't post it here. I'm not sure why I've avoided double posting, maybe I got it in my head that it was cheating. But then today, it hit me. I don't really have a problem with cheating, SO LET'S GET IT ON.

I won't copy whole posts here, but maybe put a link and a picture or something to keep you up to date on my creative notions. We'll call it cross-creative-recyclination. Yeah, it's catching on and it's gonna save the world (first priority: polar bears).

So, my first bit of recycled blogging is my last Found Art Tuesday project:

Found Art Tuesday 6-3-08 WALK

The longer post is here. This piece was based on the theme WALK and I left it pinned to a bench in the park by my home. I made this from materials in my used office supplies stash. I love the notion that remnants from the source of something that can at times make me feel only slightly more animated than your average zombie can be manipulated in such a way that the end result has the potential to inspire a perfect stranger. That and you know, free materials. SCORE!

Since we are still recycling, check out these pictures I stumbled upon on Flickr the other day: recycled computer monitors converted into planters. Made by changedminer. ME WANT. I might need to bring a bigger purse to work in order to get this project off the ground. I kid, I kid.

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