Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Nuns and a Wok

I acquired an excellent thrift find recently:

Art of Chinese Cooking

I love this retro cookbook! It was written by two nuns who fled war-torn china to Japan where they began teaching cooking lessons in Chinese cuisine. This was first published in the 50's (this copy was printed later in the 60's). What really drew me to this as all of the imaginitive illustrations.

Pigs in a Pod Crab

Soup Ba-Gawk!

Put up Your Dukes Beef with Peppers

The cow has a bell pepper for a head! Pigs in a Pod! A mushroom beating up on some spinach!! It's not just a chicken, but a pineapple chicken!! Genius!

Art of Chinese Cooking

It's remarkable how colorful it is considering the time that is was published and the printing processes available at the time. AND scanning the recipes, there aren't a lot of references to weird ingredients like say, canned ham (unlike a lot of vintage cookbooks that use Crisco as a main staple). It even gives tips on cooking rice... without a rice cooker. Imagine that. Who knew there was any other way?


Headless Mom said...

Love the illustrations!

Here from AllMed!

Tiffany Teske said...

This is adorable! A definite find, Sheas! I have to say I am envious, I collect old cookbooks, I have well over 100. I love the ones with drawings, rather than the creepy pics of miscolored food that is completely unappetizing. So fun!!

marci said...

this is pretty awesome! I wish I could see it in person to flip through it. The fighting 'shroom cracked me up.

180/360 said...

I love retro cookbooks! Actually I like old books in general. I just picked up a bunch that the library was selling off. I got a great one all about feelings which I will certainly incorporate into a post one of these days.


Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Sheasy Ba Beasy! Hi, I know I know..I've been way MIA! My life has been going non stop every single day this month. Which is good. LoVe this vintage Chinese cookbook. Envy! The illustrations are too cute. Were you able to try out some recipes yet? How were they? Yes, please do try the mango bread recipe. It's like a carrot cake recipe. Super Delicious. Just make sure your mango is RIPE where you can smell it. Let it sit out until it turns yellow/orange/red colors. Yummilicious! ♥ Stacy ;)

sheasy said...

HM: Welcome!

TT: I agree about the creepy miscolored food pics. That will definitely get me to put a cookbook DOWN.

M: Gotta love a feisty shroom.

180: Super jealous! I'd love to see a post on your finds.

Stacy: Hellllooooo! Gotta get me some ripe mangoes.

mrana said...

Brilliant cookbook, I wish I had one!

Le-Chat said...

Hi Sheila! Checked briefly into your blog this morning and thought I should recommend this post to a friend who often blogs about thrifted cook books - mostly to make fun of - but I think she'd like this one, so back to do that now. And thanks so much for the review!

Maura said...

Oh my! We have this same cookbook -- my mom has had it for a very long time and since I share her passion for cookbooks, it'll be mine -- and it is so cute. Never imagined I'd see it anywhere else.

Visiting from AllMediocre. I'm a new member whose making her way through the list. :-)

clockworkpink2 said...

What an awesome find! The illustrations are great!

Bobbi's Book Nook said...

Wow! I love old cook books and that one looks great. :)

RainforestRobin said...

Absolutely DELIGHTFUL!!! What also tickles me beyond the book is your wonderful reaction to it. Some people wouldn't even see the fun and creativity that went into the book. You are not only observant but ALIVE!!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I love vintage books. This cookbook looks fabulous and very interesting and unique. I especially like the illustrations.