Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Call Me Angel in the Morning, baby

Piper's submittal to 1968 Playboy minus the see-through nightie but with her toy hot dog by her side (you know, for the kitsch factor).

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Wake up without an alarm clock
New shampoo smells of a tropical retreat
Swap plain shoes for red flats at the last minute
Arrive late, but at the same time as everyone else for brunch
Mimosas, bacon, and French toast that is custard-like on the inside
Swap updates with a friend with well-deserved good news
See a charming little boy in place of the baby seen a year ago
Choke up, again and again, over Christian the Lion
Pack the cooler for a road trip
Twenty minutes later, not a building in site
Wide open golden fields, farmer stands, winding roads
Stop at a winery where "everybody knows your name"
Outside a flurry of hummingbirds maneuver
Back on the road, across another county line, at the top of the hill
Miles and miles in view from every direction
More wine, hot mystery mustard, squeezing two cases in the trunk
Mad dash to beat closing time at a favorite spot
Branches mist from above, raspberry champagne, a schnauzer
Picnic under a tree, by a glistening pond, five good friends
Cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, salami, crackers, mustard
Cool green grass underfoot
Cat tails: spotted, picked, plucked, and showering fluffiness
Back on the road, stop at a gas station: new sunglasses for everyone
Windows rolled down, singing along to ABBA full blast, chasing the sun

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Red, Red, Whine

As part of my cable-induced-coma-weekend, I watched a marathon of Mad Men on AMC - a very layered show chock full of symbolism, smoking, drinking on the job, and endless sexual harassment in the workplace. It's impeccable in how it is true to the year that it takes place, 1960, down to the wardrobe and make-up. The furniture alone had me drooling. (It's really the writing that will get you tangled up in these character's lives in no time).

And now that my eyes are all glossy from soaking up all that TV, I have been obsessed with making my lips as glossy as the fab foxes on the show. I need to find the perfect shade of red lipstick/gloss. I'm not sure how I have made it this far in my adult life without accomplishing this feat. What I am shooting for is something that captures the style of Rachel or Joan or Peggy or the yummiest of all, the perfect Betty.

This has been a lifelong obsession really, only now there is this tremendous amount of urgency that has me believing my limbs are going to start falling off if I do not have perfect, pouty, red lips. I have a drawer full of failed options, many of which are too orange or too matte or too sheer. I bought some "cherrylicious" gloss last night. Behold the product and results on my disappointed lips:

Lip Bomb

This is not even as red as cherry Chapstick! If any one has tips on how they've found the perfect shade of red OR if you found it and think I ought to give it a try, leave a comment. My naked lips are panting in anticipation.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh, sake!

About a year ago, I made my friend Jen rummage through racks and racks of grimy glassware to find the last piece to thrift store gem:

Sake Set - $2 thrift find

If YOUR local thrift store is like MY local thrift store then they absolutely will not under any circumstance sell something as an incomplete set. This was marked as a set of four (including the bottle). I could only find two cups (which was fine with me because three's company, Chrissy Snow, so hit the bricks)! Anyway, after 40 minutes of scavenging, at last, the third cup was found. Hurray. Two dollars later and this was mine all mine. I have not yet used it for sake, but my last minute salad dressing never looked so dainty.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We stayed out... 'til ten o'clock

We stayed out... 'til ten o'clock, originally uploaded by sheasy.

Some recent pics from my flickr faves that put me start humming "Summer Lovin'" without even realizing it.

1. freshly picked, 2. New Pattern DD_26., 3. The beauty of office supplies, 4. She's been busy., 5. little birds, 6. Untitled, 7. starfish picnic totes, 8. Бубамара, 9. pod sections, 10. green lanterns, 11. Freshly Picked, 12. bird & moth serving plate, 13. Crop Circles no. 2, 14. getting the day started, 15. fan, 16. Utopia VIII

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Life as Zombie

I just made a connection between the term "couch potato" and the fact that a real potato, over time, will grow multiple "eyes". Hellooooooooo!? No wonder TV gluttons aren't called "seat turnips" or "recliner rutabagas". I'm just glad I have finally reached a second-grade-knock-knock-joke level of understanding for common pop culture sayings. Gold star for sheasy!

The reason I mention this is because I am house-sitting........ at a house that has cable.......... which I myself do not have available in my own home. Therefore it is just a matter of time before I myself become a *insert piece of furniture here* + *insert root vegetable of choice here*.

I must say most of the time, I find cable a little tedious. But tonight I hit a three cherry jackpot of TV wonderment! First, I watched the first episode of Project Runway, a highly addictive show I would consider getting cable just to watch. The first episode always spends a lot of time getting to know the contestants which I suppose is necessary, but I wish I could have seen some more time spent on the middle of the pack outfits and less time on the bottom three outfits. I LURVE the winner's dress - true innovation at work.

Then I caught the second half of VH1 Rock Honors - The Who. It made me want to do a jig on the coffee table! I can't think of a band that makes me wish I were a rock star more than The Who. Pearl Jam, Foo Fighter, Flaming Lips, and The Who. Thank you cable, that was a delicious treat.

Lastly, I will recommend something that everyone with internet access probably already knows about since it is such a big hit people keep crashing the site: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. If TV were more like this show, maybe I would shell out 50 bucks a month to watch it. Here that TV moguls? The people have spoken and they want:
*More musical comedy featuring super heroes
*More Doogie Howser
*More normal girls, less boobs
*Lots of rubber gloves for the cast
*Definitely more Moisture
*And give Joss Whedon lots and lots of money to do whatever he wants

You can watch the webisodes for free for a while, then you'll have to catch it on DVD. The first two acts are up, but the third won't be available until the 19th. So, go NOW!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eat your Veggies

From the garden:

Vive Roma! Cherry Tomatoes

Ying-Yang Squash

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crossed Wires

I become easily entranced by power lines. They are like enormous reminders to "Look Up!" every once in a while. I took a number of photos of some of the poles and wires in my neighborhood recently. My favorites are below.

Crossed Wires

I imagine at some point these types of things will become obsolete and tore down since they aren't particularly attractive. The one that runs across the street from my building serves as a little overpass for the neighborhood squirrels crossing the busy street below. Some times they even leap frog over each other.

In the winter, I get some brilliant sunsets outside my bedroom window. I can't imagine this photo looking as electric if it weren't plugged into that power pole. Can you?

Electric Sunset

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thrifty Art Gift (Pt. 2)

So last we met, I had come up with a crafty gift by modifying a thrift frame to hold a line drawing I made of an old school pencil sharpener. How happy am I that I came up with such a clever gift or my creative buddy? I mean, I would be ECSTATIC to receive some thrifty art as a gift. Wouldn't you?

Well, happy birthday to me. On the occasion I presented my gift to my friend, she had also given me a gift. And that gift happened to be a piece of thrifty art made by her own hand. So I guess we will start getting our periods at the same time now any day. We're synced!!

Check out her creation:

Gift from Tanya

And it fits in wonderfully into one of my little vignettes I already have hanging on my wall:

Art Wall Display with Tanya's Gift

Thanks, universe, for all the reciprocated goodness and for all the great friends you've brought my way. I.O.U.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thrifty Art Gift (Pt. 1)

Every once in a while, I come up with the perfect gift for someone. Such is the case with my friend, Tanya. Here was my criteria: I knew I wanted to make something and not buy it. Check. That something should be made from found or thrift materials. No prob, I got a bit of that. Lastly, the something should be about being ready to create.... and an idea was born!

I had bought a framed seahorse print from the thrift shop a while back. I took it apart and painted the frame a wonderful shade of orange and sealed it with some ModPodge. I made a line drawing of an old school pencil sharpener to fit the frame. It was exactly what I wanted to convey with this gift: a little retro with a message about being prepared for the next wave of inspiration. Here is a before and after:

Tanya's gift - Before (icky print) Tanya's gift - After

So, YAY! for taking a print that probably hung across from some one's toilet into something a little more interesting. But this story isn't over!! See the next post for the conclusion to this story. (Don't you love a good suspense tale?)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Barack the Vote!

I saw this and I found it to be awesome on multiple levels, so I bought it:

Barack the Vote!

I got it from Marco's shop. Twenty-five percent of sales go toward Barack's campaign. So, if this tee speaks to you, get you one. And step aside, Pedro.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Black and Green and Swirly all over

My friend Jen made this necklace for my birthday. I believe the pendant is some type of... turquoise? I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't identify the stones that make this up (also, I confess, it took me three times to type "turquoise" correctly). Here's the jist: it's black with a dreamy shade of chartreuse throughout. When you hold it in your hand it is smooth and cool to the touch, like a stone. It's unlike anything I own and I love it. Everything about it reminds me of Jen and that makes it all the more special. Thanks, Jen, you are a dear friend.

Thanks, Jen!

Having creative, talented, thoughtful and stylish friends is a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Professor Plum, in the Kitchen, with the Frying Pan

I promised a plum recipe. And since that promise was made, there has been a second plum attack. This time my friend, Jen, is responsible for supplying POUNDS of good ole fashioned plums ready to be eaten up, yum.

So, I found a Rachel Ray recipe over on the Food Network site that seemed easy enough. When I read the ingredients I thought, "Ray-Ray, you crazy! Putting black pepper in a glaze for fruit"? It turned out delicious and it took less than ten minutes. Also you get 100 fancy points for making this. (Please pardon my lackluster food photography below. It really IS delicious)!

Here are the plums, halved and pitted with a dab of olive oil, before.....

Plums Under Fire

And then about two minutes later, here they are all broken down and gooey:

Break it Down!  Plums in the Pan

Of course, I did make a couple switcheroos to the recipe that appears below. First, RR wants you to grill the plums on the stove, which seemed kinda messy to me. So, I cooked the plums in a non-stick pan with a tiny bit of olive oil. Also, turns out I am OUT of vanilla extract, so I substituted with some really good maple syrup. Lastly, I doubled the plums and halved the glaze because I'm just not a saucey kind of girl. Here's the end result:

Plums with Balsamic Glaze

Delicious! These are sweet and tart and the balsamic glaze is just the right touch to make a warm dessert still taste like summer. Definitely eat these with a scoop of GOOD vanilla ice cream (you know the kind with all the tiny specks of vanilla bean in it). Here's the break down:

Balsamic Glazed Grilled Plums
4 ripe plums, halved and pitted
a small amount of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp ground black pepper

*Preheat pan to medium-high heat
*Drizzle fruit with a small amount of olive oil (just to keep them from sticking to the pan)
*Cook fruit, about 2-3 minutes
*Pour vinegar in a small pot and heat to medium-high heat
*Bring vinegar to a boil and reduce by half
*In a separate bowl, whisk sugar, lemon juice, and pepper. Whisk in warm vinegar.
*Place fruit on plates with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
*Drizzle with glaze

Also... I never mentioned I signed up for NaBloPoMo for the month of July, which means I aim to post every day this month. Phew! The theme is food, so some of the posts this month may be tastier than others. One thing for sure, ALL of them will be 100% calorie, fat, and sugar-free with no trans fat or preservatives but lots and lots of RIBOFLAVIN.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Worthy of Your Grandma's Tuna ala Funa

Here's another groovy thrift store find:

Old School Recipe Cards

Two styles of old-school recipe cards. I love these down to the funky box they come in. These are so precious, I only ever use them when I am passing on a recipe to someone else. Maybe when I get to the very last one, I'll put a special recipe to add to my own recipe box. I included a nice stash in the Contest Prize I put together for my friends over at Create-A-Day and I think my good friend, joonbeam (the winner), will really appreciate them.

And if tattered recipe cards get you feeling all weepy and sentimental and craving some mac and cheese, then go check out this flickr set containing all 242 recipe cards from this guy's mom's recipe box. Many of them are typed..... with a typewriter! Several copies of the cards above make an appearance. It is whimsical (on the recipe for Stuffed Peppers, she writes "Dog Food"), nostalgic (some recipes where provided by his grandmother) and very mysterious (Boiled Frosting?). This is an inheritance you can hold close to your heart (and tummy).

Technical Difficulties -

Apologies to the feed-readers, I am experiencing some technical difficulties and should have this cleared up by the end of today.....

Or at least until my assitant (pictured at right) can gather up some eye of newt, three crow feathers, a teaspoon of celery root, a hair from a pygmy goat and a Slurpee.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Next? Running with Scissors.

Earlier this week, I was running low on dog food for Piper. Miraculously, I kept finding bags of food stashed here or there... in an overnight bag, a different purse, etc. I was saved!

Inevitably, the Dog Food Fairy stopped making deposits and there wasn't a single brown nugget to be found in the place. So what does a responsible dog owner do? Crumble up dog cookies and put those in the bowl, of course.

Piper was ecstatic. I imagine it's the equivalent of a parent feeding their kid ice cream three times a day. I'm the best mom ever! Almost immediately, I started feeling guilty. While technically I WAS feeding her DOG FOOD, I'm not sure if cookies can sustain a chihuahua-terrier for very long. So, I gave myself a very stern scolding. Then I convinced myself to get thee to the supermarket! And then I boiled some chicken and put that in the bowl. So instead of dessert, my kid's been eating lobster for their three squares a day.

Today, I went to change the sheets on my bed. What did I find buried at the end of the bed? A chunk of dog cookie. Then I looked around. Hmph. There's another one over there under the rug. And another one under the sofa. And yet another one in the corner. Either the Dog Food Fairy had returned or the Easter Bunny has been covering his shift. OR... Piper found these cookies so precious that she decided to save them for later and has hidden them all over our home.

Gotcha. I just hauled a 20 pound bag of little brown nuggets up the stairwell. Now, eat your peas!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

No Lifeguard on Duty

This is Clyde.


Clyde likes to swim. Or closer to the truth, Clyde is obsessed with swimming. His love for the pool does not, however, make him the type to dive right in. Once a PERSON enters the pool, Clyde will stand by the steps and do a tippy-toe dance as he works up the nerve to get wet. In the meantime, he runs laps around the pool. So while you relax on any variety of flotation device, soaking up the rays and delighting in the occasional breeze, you are circled by a 100 lb. highly enthused beast, whose sole focus is the water that engulfs you. Imagine the African plains, a zebra, and a lion. You get the picture.

But you will not be afraid. You will be too busy giggling. Because in between running laps, Clyde will occasionally stop to dip one paw in the pool, then back out and resume his laps.

Almost In... Working his Way into the Pool

One paw on the first step. Lap, lap, lap. Two paws on the first step. Lap, lap, lap. One paw on the second step. Lap, lap, lap. Two paws on the second step. Lap, lap, lap. Rinse and repeat. Until finally, this happens:


But the laps don't stop here. This is only the beginning. Because now Clyde begins his laps IN the pool. And long after everyone has dried off and the swimsuits have been wrung out, someone hopes beyond hope that there are more laps to be had....


(Also, I posted about some unfinished t-shirt totes I finally completed over at Create-a-Day, so go check them out).

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Foot of July

Some red, white and blue (the white is the glare of my fairest of all skin):

Red White and Blue

And from the hammock:

It's Hammock Time!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tanya

In honor of my friend, Tanya's, birthday I created a Mr. Picasso Head in her likeness:

Sheila makes a Mr. Picasso Head of Tanya

I got such a kick out of this I showed my friend, Jen. Who in turn did one of me:

Jen makes a Mr. Picasso Head of sheasy

I particularly like my eyebrows. And that aqua triangle? That's me talking. 'Cause, yeah, I tend to do that.

So tag, Tanya, you are it. I can't wait to see what Jen will look like once you have run her through the meat grinder. And have an EXCELLENT birthday, even though people are likely to confuse your ear with one of your eyes and all that!!!

(If anyone else is tempted to make a Mr. Picasso Head, I'd love to see them. It's terribly addicting.....)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So, this zucchini walks into a bar...

This squash came from BEYOND. I mean our garden. Look at it.


**Insert your favorite phallic joke here - come on, you got one. If you claim to be raised in a nunnery, then ask your knucklehead brother. If you are not blessed with a bro, then consult your inappropriate co-worker who always has his hands in his pockets. He'll hook you up real nice.**

This is the fourth such zuke of this size our garden has produced. The cherry tomato has been added to give you a sense of scale.

**Insert your second-favorite phallic joke here. You know, that one that is really only slightly funny, but after a few drinks can get someone to shoot beer out of their nose.**

What does one do with such a vegetable? One eats a lot of freaking squash, that's what. That's why I was ultra-ecstatic to see this recipe for Zucchini Strand Spaghetti posted by Deb over at Smitten Kitchen. I would show you pictures of my end result but clicking over and checking out Deb's pictures is what will really tempt you to try this.

I have many a recipe bookmarked, favorited, and starred from SK, but this recipe has two things going for it. First, I already had all the ingredients in my kitchen/garden. This is a major score since I am not one to stock up on food. (In the event of a nuclear holocaust, I will be rationing canned crab meat and paprika amongst myself and the Chihuahua for eight weeks). Second, I got to use a fancy tool. You might have one of these yourself, if you have attended one of those kitchen "parties" hosted by one of your "friends" and guiltily flipped to the cheapest item in the catalog (no, not the citrus peeler or garlic press - you bought those last time). This recipe will utilize your... **trumpets,**.... Julienne Peeler. **APPLAUSE**

I was able to execute this very easily, which means you can, too. Two things I did a little different: I used whole wheat angel hair instead of spaghetti. And secondly, I took the pan of olive oil off the heat before I added the garlic. I worried I would burn it. The end result is long strands of zucchini mixed in with the pasta. So you stick your fork in and twirl it around and who knows what ends up in your mouth.

**Insert your favorite fellatio joke here. Don't worry. Your mother isn't paying attention. And if she is anything like my mom, she would be damn proud.**