Thursday, July 10, 2008

Black and Green and Swirly all over

My friend Jen made this necklace for my birthday. I believe the pendant is some type of... turquoise? I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't identify the stones that make this up (also, I confess, it took me three times to type "turquoise" correctly). Here's the jist: it's black with a dreamy shade of chartreuse throughout. When you hold it in your hand it is smooth and cool to the touch, like a stone. It's unlike anything I own and I love it. Everything about it reminds me of Jen and that makes it all the more special. Thanks, Jen, you are a dear friend.

Thanks, Jen!

Having creative, talented, thoughtful and stylish friends is a wonderful thing.


createitcottage said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful necklace. I love green it's my favorite.

Maura said...

That is beautiful. Though it looks to me more like green marble than turquoise. Lovely texture -- you have nice friends!

sheasy said...

She told me what it was and the only yhting I remember was that I was surprised and had never seen these colors in that type of stone before... I will ask her and post it! It's kind of driving me crazy that I can't remember.

jhalbritter said...

Great picture :) I am so happy that you like it!
I purchased the pendant as "Yellow Turquoise" which I found out is just a descripive name. The stone is most likely jasper or serpentine.
The black beads are onyx and the green are peridot.