Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tanya

In honor of my friend, Tanya's, birthday I created a Mr. Picasso Head in her likeness:

Sheila makes a Mr. Picasso Head of Tanya

I got such a kick out of this I showed my friend, Jen. Who in turn did one of me:

Jen makes a Mr. Picasso Head of sheasy

I particularly like my eyebrows. And that aqua triangle? That's me talking. 'Cause, yeah, I tend to do that.

So tag, Tanya, you are it. I can't wait to see what Jen will look like once you have run her through the meat grinder. And have an EXCELLENT birthday, even though people are likely to confuse your ear with one of your eyes and all that!!!

(If anyone else is tempted to make a Mr. Picasso Head, I'd love to see them. It's terribly addicting.....)


Rock and Roll Mama said...

Whoa! Those Mr. Picasso Heads are very beautiful, but I have a feeling mine would not come out so shiny and pretty. I love the aesthetic of your makes me want to try and make something, even though I know from experience it's not a good idea.:) Also, nice zucchini.

sweetcheese said...

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!! Thank you, my friend!

Petra said...

I love the artwork! Very cool

180/360 said...

I discovered Mr. Picasso head a year or so ago... it is a very cool idea! I didn't think to make them for other people though. Even better. :)