Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Life as Zombie

I just made a connection between the term "couch potato" and the fact that a real potato, over time, will grow multiple "eyes". Hellooooooooo!? No wonder TV gluttons aren't called "seat turnips" or "recliner rutabagas". I'm just glad I have finally reached a second-grade-knock-knock-joke level of understanding for common pop culture sayings. Gold star for sheasy!

The reason I mention this is because I am house-sitting........ at a house that has cable.......... which I myself do not have available in my own home. Therefore it is just a matter of time before I myself become a *insert piece of furniture here* + *insert root vegetable of choice here*.

I must say most of the time, I find cable a little tedious. But tonight I hit a three cherry jackpot of TV wonderment! First, I watched the first episode of Project Runway, a highly addictive show I would consider getting cable just to watch. The first episode always spends a lot of time getting to know the contestants which I suppose is necessary, but I wish I could have seen some more time spent on the middle of the pack outfits and less time on the bottom three outfits. I LURVE the winner's dress - true innovation at work.

Then I caught the second half of VH1 Rock Honors - The Who. It made me want to do a jig on the coffee table! I can't think of a band that makes me wish I were a rock star more than The Who. Pearl Jam, Foo Fighter, Flaming Lips, and The Who. Thank you cable, that was a delicious treat.

Lastly, I will recommend something that everyone with internet access probably already knows about since it is such a big hit people keep crashing the site: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. If TV were more like this show, maybe I would shell out 50 bucks a month to watch it. Here that TV moguls? The people have spoken and they want:
*More musical comedy featuring super heroes
*More Doogie Howser
*More normal girls, less boobs
*Lots of rubber gloves for the cast
*Definitely more Moisture
*And give Joss Whedon lots and lots of money to do whatever he wants

You can watch the webisodes for free for a while, then you'll have to catch it on DVD. The first two acts are up, but the third won't be available until the 19th. So, go NOW!


Bimmy the Bookish said...

Hey, it was very sweet of you to tear yourself off the couch long enough to write a review for our RH blog - thanks:))
My husband loves his big comfy couches and his multichannel sky tv package - we can be bored by nothing to watch on 1000's of different stations!
Good job I have stuff to read...
Look forward to seeing again, and feel free to heckle at the beach house gang.

JD at I Do Things said...

What is it with zombies today? I watched "Diary of the Dead" last night (disappointing but still awesome zombie movie by George Romero), then today one of my clients started making zombie jokes, and now this!

I never made that "eyes"-"potato"-"couch potato" connection either. I just thought the term came about because potatoes were kind of lumpy and blobby, the way I get when I lounge around too much.

And finally, we are somehow the same person. I LOVE Project Runway, and the bands you mentioned? Um...all my favorites? Especially the Flaming Lips. LOVE!

So we're going to have to hang out obviously.

Thanks for the BlogCatalog contact!

JD at I Do Things

createitcottage said...

I never thought of the "eyes" potato connection before either. I love,love,love Project Runway!!! I can't imagine not having cable although I would get alot more creating done without it.

robayre said...

From one formally cable free girl, (until moving in with boyfriend) word of wisdom to you, you can watch entire seasons of project runway on youtube, yes, even the canadian version which feature iman, rather than heidi.

Maura said...

Oh, I love house-sitting and discovering something new! Being a veteran Sofa Salsify, I end up watching a lot of TV that I normally wouldn't watch, too. (Though I do have cable and, frankly, will sacrifice to keep it if I have to. (You hear that, hair? The highlights are expendable.))

I have never been a Project Runway watcher, but I ended up watching the first episode of this season because someone else wanted to, and I agree with you completely. The winning dress was A-maaazing and I wanted to see more of how she actually took it from start to finish.

I hadn't heard of the Dr. Horrible show, but I'm looking forward to checking it out.

sheasy said...

Update: now I am hooked on Shear Genius, which admittedly is far less interesting than Project Runway. Darn you, Bravo TV!!!

Charity said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What an amusing article! Love it! :-)

Oh, I got addicted to Project Runway for a while, too! :-) But I can't focus long enough with my ADD to remember what time and day it comes on, so, it's slipping away already...ha ha! :-) Cheers!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Jimmy found this Dr. Horrible site last week and was watching it. He wants to subscribe to it. I think that's what he said...

BTW---I LOVE Project Runway, Shear Genius, Flipping Out...Ok, I'm just a reality show junkie. I admit.