Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Worthy of Your Grandma's Tuna ala Funa

Here's another groovy thrift store find:

Old School Recipe Cards

Two styles of old-school recipe cards. I love these down to the funky box they come in. These are so precious, I only ever use them when I am passing on a recipe to someone else. Maybe when I get to the very last one, I'll put a special recipe to add to my own recipe box. I included a nice stash in the Contest Prize I put together for my friends over at Create-A-Day and I think my good friend, joonbeam (the winner), will really appreciate them.

And if tattered recipe cards get you feeling all weepy and sentimental and craving some mac and cheese, then go check out this flickr set containing all 242 recipe cards from this guy's mom's recipe box. Many of them are typed..... with a typewriter! Several copies of the cards above make an appearance. It is whimsical (on the recipe for Stuffed Peppers, she writes "Dog Food"), nostalgic (some recipes where provided by his grandmother) and very mysterious (Boiled Frosting?). This is an inheritance you can hold close to your heart (and tummy).


Maura said...

That Flickr set is the most interesting combination of nostalgia and technology I think I've ever seen.

Amazing -- I never would have thought to do that with my mom's cards. I love how you know the favorite ones: the ones with the most stains on them!

You are so making me want to dive into the closet where all her cookbooks and recipes are!

Maura said...

Dang! Forgot to mention that I'm almost certain we have the same recipe for Boiled Frosting in our recipe boxes. I believe it was a favorite of my grandmother's.

That's it, now I HAVE to go dig the boxes out! :-)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

This reminds me when my grandma visits, I need to know where the recipes are stashed lest I miss out on the goodness. Thanks for sharing.

180/360 said...

Those are awesome! I'm off to check the flickr site...