Thursday, August 14, 2008

You are it.

I have been TAGGED by snarkygirl!

So now I am bound by internet law to share seven little facts about me:

1. I never open my eyes under water.
2. I don't like lotion, especially smelly lotion.
3. My earliest career aspiration was to be a lion tamer.
4. Almost all of my boyfriends have been 6'3" or taller.
5. I can't drive stick.
6. Feet gross me out, unless they are my dog's feet, which smell like Fritos.
7. I've lived on the east coast, west coast, midwest, and abroad.

Since I am on a little vacation of sorts, I am skipping the tagging portion of this task, but if you are one of those energetic kids who sit in the front row waving your hand, please leave a comment so the rest of us can learn more about you!


zarafa said...

hmm. one of my friends once told me his dog's feet smelled like fritos too. can't say i've ever smelled my dog's feet...

Esther V. said...

You had to do the 7 again huh? lol I can't drive stick either...I always thought I'd be screwed if I ever had to rent a car in Europe. When I call the groomers, I say "Spot smells like Fritos again, can I drop him off today?" :)
Enjoy your little vacation of sorts, they're nice and don't happen often.