Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get Your Hands Dirty

I live a block from a nice little park here in downtown Sacramento called Fremont Park. Every year there is this fabulous event that takes place over Labor Day weekend and every year I completely miss it. And now that I am moving to Oklahoma it is clear to me that I shall never partake in the wonderment that is Chalk it Up!!

Chalk it Up is a FREE three-day event where you sign up for your own square of cement and you get as dusty as can be drawing your own sidewalk masterpiece. They provide you with the chalk and there is music and food and lots of people and even though I've never participated I am going to go out on a limb and say it's a heaping spoonful of fun.

Now even though I am not present during the spectacle that is Chalk it Up, this location also happens to function as my chihuahua-terrier's potty. So every Tuesday morning after the event whilst trying to walk the dog and scrape the crust out of my eye, I am delighted to see the wonder that has been left behind. And of course, by Tuesday afternoon the commuters have started to walk across the drawings and the city, while supportive of the event, hasn't considered to turn off the sprinklers even for a single day. The drawings start to take on a dreamlike state, a little out of focus, but still vibrant with color.

This art was made to be enjoyed NOW and I guess if you get the chance to see it, that makes you and the image pretty special right at that very moment.

I made a collage of some of the pictures I took this evening. Enjoy:

Chalk it Up!


so NOT cool said...

This sounds like a great even to attend. I love sidewalk art.

One summer, my daughter and I had this idea to mysteriously do sidewalk art all over the very small town that we live in. We started, but lost steam after a few drawings.

Maybe next year!

Nicole said...

We have a similar thing Denver mid summer, come visit and see it!!!

sheasy said...

SNC: You guys are guerilla artists!! Imagine how you made people's day with your art.

Nicole: Love Denver!!

Cookie said...

That is so cool! My kids love playing with chalk on the road in front of our house, but their art never looks like that!