Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where's my cracker?

This bird-head doodle was found at the bottom of the recycling bin under my desk at work (my former work... yahooie). I didn't draw this, but whoever the artist is, they decided a few things:
1.) This doodle must leave their sight immediately.
2.) This doodle COULD NOT reasonably be discarded at the artist's desk.
3.) This doodle ought to be recycled (obviously earth conscious).
4.) This doodle would go unnoticed if it were put in MY recycle bin.

Think again, sucka!!! Operation Frame Sheasy: EPIC FAIL



gingela5 said...

It's actually a pretty good bird doodle...that would be something I'd consider framing! haha

Halloween Costumes said...

he he i also lost my crackers