Monday, October 27, 2008

A little of this and that...

First: Please vote. I am utilizing the handy-dandy absentee ballot this year, which came in SO helpful as I am barely remembering to put gas in my car these days (by the way, gas here in OK is $1.99/gallon - for a split-second this morning, I suspected it might just be Pepsi I was putting in my tank, but hey, if caffeine can power the people of the nation, why not my Saturn VUE?) So, checkmark, all done with that.

I did get these buttons in the mail today that I received as a thank you for a small donation:

Get your Button on.

I love this retro style of campaign button. These buttons are something I will come across in 20 years or so and remember back on what an amazing election year this has been. So, however, you feel about who should be the next president, I hope you are as energized as I am about the future of our country.

OK, that was supposed to be short. Oh, well. I haven't been blogging so I guess it makes sense if I go on and on and waste a whole additional sentence on how I am going on and on. And now I have Journey stuck in my head. It "goes ooon and ooon and ooon and ooooooon". (This is the part where my friend Jen and I start jumping up and down and screaming our heads off. So, now I am singing and smiling and remembering to never wear high heel boots to see a Journey cover band because you will end up walking home in your socks and your friend will never let you forget about it because she is that type of friend***.)

I bought something new for my apartment:

Sun Mirror

I got this little mirror at a tiny, out-of-the-way shop I found called Target. Maybe you've heard of it? It's the first thing I have bought for my new place and it is the only thing that is hanging up, so far. It makes me very, very happy.

Settling in



I got to hang out with this puppy all weekend long. Her name is Bella, she is a bulldog and she is 3 months old and this picture does her rolls of chub absolutely no justice. We have already decided to be BFFs and we will ONLY marry boys that are also BFFs and we'll live next door always and of course, name our first borns after each other. I am making her a friendship bracelet out of bacon and she is making one for me out of drool.

I also finally got to go to one of my favorite places that I have missed for so long while living in California:

Hello Heaven, thou art a Cracker Barrel

The infamous Cracker Barrel. I had a boyfriend who lived in Tennessee and these are at every exit in that state. Delicious sweet tea, country gravy and biscuits, and a delightful concoction called hashbrown casserole. They also have a country gift shop and checkerboards everywhere, so you can play while you wait (in addition to the little triangle-tee game at your table). The best part is the delightfully creepy artwork though:

IMG_3263 IMG_3264

This place is covered in portraits of babies and dogs hanging out. I wanted one of these so bad, but even with my big ole purse, didn't think I could swing it. Time to find the local thrift shops.....

In the last post, I mentioned my first project in the new place. I am eager to get some ideas. A hint: it's my bathroom. That is not really a hint, but what I am trying to say is, there is a whole other level to this project. So be thinking: cool, lofty, powder room thoughts. I'll be posting pics soon and then maybe we can ride this wave of inspiration into a new jacuzi tub for me (not really in the budget - sad to say).

(***If you were wondering: Jen wore the boots that had to be thrown away and I am the friend who every once in a while says, "Remember that time we saw Wonderbread 5? And we jumped up and down all night and you were wearing new boots? And you threw them in the trash can right there? And the parking lot was all gravel? And your feet already hurt from the shoes? And we went to Mel's Diner afterwards because we were so hungry? And we were worried they would notice you were only wearing socks? And then we looked for a "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" sign? And we were afraid they would kick us out like we were at a 7-11? But they didn't and then we ordered pancakes?" Jen's usual response: "Yes". So that is the kind of friend I am.... the best kind.)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My new digs are great. I am living in a furnished apartment above a barn (how Oklahoma is that?) I had not seen the apartment beforehand, but had already decided that no matter what, I would make it work. Here is what I saw:

Mi Casa

That's right.... I have a deck! I huge deck big enough for tables and chairs and a nice bottle of wine or two. Every day since I have been here, I have been in awe of how big the sky feels. Here is a little taste of my evening view:

**Front (I cropped out the main house)**


**To the left: the pond (and the stairs)**

Pond View

**To the right, the lane to the main road**


The entire front of the apartment is windows. So at night when the moon is full, I turn out the lights and the whole place fills up with an amazing purple light. Sweet dreams for me.

Next post: some of the inside. I have a project I want to tackle and I would love to get some advice.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

YAY for Stuff!

My stuff is arriving tomorrow afternoon..... Wahoo!!!!!!

While my family have been wonderful hosts, it will be fantastic to sleep in my own bed, eat off my own dishes, and get back to being a crafty little devil. At last, "moving" will become "moved". It's been fun, but exhausting.

Hard Work

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Hello! I have been in Oklahoma for over a week now - apologies for the lack of posts. I'll be getting settled into my new place (fingers crossed) by Sunday.

I have SO many things to share, but am just uloading photos from the road. I will be doing posts on some of these in the future, but for now, enjoy!