Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A recipe for butternut bisque caught my eye in this month's Thanksgiving issue of Everyday Food. I made it - it was incredibly simple and absolutely delicious. It was the first meal I cooked in my new place and by cooked I mean, it required more than taking something out of the package and scarfing it down.

I will say this: the most labor intensive part is peeling and dicing the squash, but then you will be home free.

Perhaps, maybe you are from Oklahoma and do not know what the heck a butternut squash is and why in the world you would ever want to eat one. That is somewhat the reaction I got from the folks at my local grocery store when trying to locate my main ingredient. After holding my ground that a cantaloupe would not make a suitable substitute, the butternut was located under a mountain of yams. Of course, that did not keep the checkout girl from asking if it was that "mexican-potato-thing-that-starts-with-a-J". I am thinking she means jicama, but maybe it is I that is out of the loop on that one.

Here's how it turned out:

Some Girls Like to Potty All the Time

My new (old) bathroom has a theme. A western theme complete with horses. Here is the wallpaper:


And the brass hardware and insanely high ceiling (I DO live in a barn, you know):

Brass Ring Ceiling

So, firstly, the wallpaper will come down. The next step is paint. I am leaning toward a pale blue-ish grey, but would love to hear any ideas on how I came make the most of the awesome height I have in here. Oh, and the brass is pretty much everywhere, so yeah it also needs to be addressed in some way.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Delightfully Free

I went to a great craft fair last year with a friend and brought home lots of loot. As I rummaged through my jewelry box, I found these earrings:

Freebie from a craft fair Delightfully FREEEEE!

And now after ignoring them for a year, they are my new favorites. Thanks, whoever you were who gave away free earrings!! I love these - it just took me a year to notice.