Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Girls Like to Potty All the Time

My new (old) bathroom has a theme. A western theme complete with horses. Here is the wallpaper:


And the brass hardware and insanely high ceiling (I DO live in a barn, you know):

Brass Ring Ceiling

So, firstly, the wallpaper will come down. The next step is paint. I am leaning toward a pale blue-ish grey, but would love to hear any ideas on how I came make the most of the awesome height I have in here. Oh, and the brass is pretty much everywhere, so yeah it also needs to be addressed in some way.



Tiffany Teske said...

Wow! You are renting but are allowed to redo the bathroom, that's great! Sheesh, it sure does need to be redone. Sorry that I don't have any ideas for the walls. But, I still need to email you about a little bathroom project you might like...

sweetcheese said...

"The horse runs with the wind???" What the heck? Who thought of repeating that all along a wallpaper border?!?
But I do love the tiny horses in the pic of the brass (classy) hardware. You could draw little hats on all the horses!