Friday, January 2, 2009

It Also Keeps Your Cheese Safe

Today a friend told me my Christmas card picture has made it onto her fridge. Oh, joy of joys, she has no idea that she has just made my day.

I have used the front of my fridge as something of an inspiration board ever since college. Many of the items have travelled from one crappy apartment to the next, reminding me to smile all while guarding the precious vodka.

The oldest item is a gingerbread self-portrait I painted of me wearing a Beastie Boys T-Shirt and ADIDAS shoes that you will still catch me wearing just about every Sunday.

Here is a glimpse:

My Fridge

So glad to be part of your day, even if it is just the moments before you grab the milk or realize you are better off ordering a pizza.

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Tiffany Teske said...

Hey Sheas, I do the same thing! I have tons of items on the fridge that I have taken from home to home. And, I take them all down for the holidays, and put up the cards people sent, so if you would have sent me one, I would have put it up FOR SURE! So funny that you photographed your fridge and posted about it, I was going to do the same during the holidays, but now I will wait, since who wants see my holiday cards now that it is a New Year? Yeah to Beastie Boys and Adidas, my husband would fall in love with you!! And hip hip hooray for NaBloPoMo :)