Thursday, February 26, 2009


Here is something that will get you thinking you are wasting your life away trying to decipher LOST and dressing your dog up like Big Gay Al.

Robayre has made a video! She's also painted a series of miniature canvases featured in the video. And amazingly enough, the paintings are based on miniature collages she created (which you can see more of here and here). Check it out:

If you go to the Art-O-Mat sight they will tell you if you have one in your town. Sacramento people can go to the good ole Crocker Museum (see tangent below). And it looks like Oklahoma has one, so I am thinking I will investigate this over the weekend and perhaps bring a crowbar to "inspect" the machine for any Robayre originals.

***The Crocker is FREE on Sundays before noon. So let's say maybe you had too much wine Saturday night and maybe you only live several blocks away from the Crocker and maybe you only got a few bucks in your pocket and maybe you are thinking it is best if you just stay in bed. Don't do it! Call a friend, get thee to the coffee shop, get a hot beverage of your choice and walk to the museum. This is not just a great hangover cure, but is also the outline for one of my favorite Sundays ever.

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sweetcheese said...

SOOO weird--earlier last week Shiela, Jen, and I decided to go to the Crocker on free Sunday! It was raining and the special exhibit was on Buddhas. And I checked the Art-O-Mat, but no Roabyre yet (I got a little robot though).
Free art with good friends is always a good idea. Wish you could have been there!