Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lazy People Food

I got home at 8:49 this evening. By 8:55, I had cooked myself some grub and was heartily scarfing it down. I do not own a microwave. So I had to actually cook and assemble ingredients and not just beep-boop-beep-beep myself some dinner.

I used a recipe I found a couple years ago when I went on an I'm-gonna-cook-breakfast-everyday-before-work kick, which lasted about three days before I went back to eating instant oatmeal. But the recipe was so easy and tasty, I kept making it. In fact, I abused it. It was black and blue. But I didn't care because another good thing about this recipe is that it uses stuff that is usually already in the pantry or fridge. So, YAY, for people like me who hate/forget to buy groceries. Oh, and it's fairly healthy at least compared to what you would zap. It's a really quick huevos rancheros variation that I found either from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food mag or Smitten Kitchen. Heck, let's give them both credit - good job, guys! You are making lazy people like me even lazier.

Materials-wise you will need: saucepan, frying pan (a little one is best), spatula.
Grocery-wise all you need is: a corn tortilla, cheese, an egg, black beans, salsa.
- Turn two burners to medium heat.
- Pour can of black beans in a saucepan.
- Stir a tablespoon of salsa into the black beans (or season w/hot sauce if you prefer)
- Spray pan with non-stick spray.
- Lay corn tortilla in pan.
- Once tortilla becomes a little crispy, flip tortilla.
- Sprinkle cheese on tortilla.
- Crack egg over cheese on tortilla.
- Egg will run to the edges of the tortilla. Once set on the edges, flip the whole thing over.
- Cook until set.
- Put tortilla on a plate. Add beans. Garnish with more salsa. Eat.

What I enjoy about this recipe is that sometimes I may have avocado, or corn salsa, or sour cream or fresh cilantro in the fridge and it is easy to mix it up. I also use the same exact ingredients to make egg white tacos (heat corn tortillas separately, add tbsp of water to egg whites, cook in pan, then assemble taco style).

However you choose to mix it up, don't even think about wasting those last four beans left on the plate (unless you are afraid of chihuahua farts - THIS VIDEO DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY EXPLICIT DEPICTIONS OF CHIHUAHUA FARTS):


Maura said...

I am so trying this! I never thought of doing the egg part. I'm a pro with tortillas in a pan, but usually just with cheese.

Thanks, from one lazy cook to another. :-)

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

That sounds SO yum. I'm definitely putting it in my "oh shit I have no idea what's for dinner" recipe box.

Also? I miss Piper.